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  1. CoteRotie

    Youtube AWESOME!

    OMG this was hysterical, thanks for posting ;)
  2. CoteRotie

    Possible alternatives to sujihiki for thinly slicing homemade deli meats

    I have a Gesshin Hide 300mm yanagiba that I've used for this, it works fine though not sure if it's BETTER than my suji or gyuto, and I usually reserve it for the traditional application of slicing raw fish.
  3. CoteRotie

    Possible alternatives to sujihiki for thinly slicing homemade deli meats

    The only thing to do is to get all the knives discussed here, try them, and report back on how each one worked.
  4. CoteRotie

    Favorite Peppers

    I've been growing Padron peppers for 25 years. I smuggled some seeds back from Spain because back then they weren't available here. Now the local nursery carries them, and the peppers are available in many of the local supermarkets. They're called "Spanish roulette peppers" because some are...
  5. CoteRotie

    What Do You Do For A Living?

    I run a small hotel called "Fawlty Towers". Just kidding, I'm a Silicon Valley EE actually still working on silicon, vs. apps, websites, or games that all the cool kids here are working on these days.
  6. CoteRotie

    Hola from Spain

    Bienvenido, espero que España se esté recuperando del virus.
  7. CoteRotie

    An update for our store during the Covid-19 craziness

    Headed to the JKI site now.....
  8. CoteRotie


    I have the Gesshin Ginga 270mm stainless suji: https://www.japaneseknifeimports.com/products/gesshin-ginga-270mm-stainless-wa-sujihiki I like the thinness, it's easy to sharpen and works well. I don't feel like I can get it quite as sharp as shirogami or aogami steel, but it's definitely...
  9. CoteRotie

    screw sizes driving me crazy?

    I remember the effort to try to switch years ago and the outcry and general resistance to it. But I still believe that if we had done it the cost to business in the long run would be less. Since we import and export so many products having two systems causes confusion and extra expense. Not...
  10. CoteRotie

    Do your part for the post-coronavirus world economy.

    I didn't mean to suggest you have to wait, if your favorite retailer is open for business. I think JKI is closed even for internet orders, but correct me if I'm wrong. Even if the small retailers can ride through the crisis I'm sure it's going to be painful for them and many people, and if you...
  11. CoteRotie

    Do your part for the post-coronavirus world economy.

    So prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, much of the world economy (and certainly here in the US) has been driven by the consumer. In order to reduce the severity of the economic downturn post-virus, I believe it's going to be important for consumer spending to come back. Therefore, I believe...
  12. CoteRotie

    screw sizes driving me crazy?

    I don't know why we never fully switched to the metric system here in the US. It makes no sense to me. We have to have 2 sets of wrenches, sockets, drill bits, taps and dies, stocks of nuts and bolts, (and of course there's still there's always one size or thread pitch that you need and don't...
  13. CoteRotie

    An update for our store during the Covid-19 craziness

    Hey, Jon, best wishes to you and family, stay healthy!
  14. CoteRotie

    Cooking dried beans?

    I soak overnight in salted water (I think the no-salt thing has been debunked, but I can't find the reference right now). I have used a pressure cooker, but if I have time I simmer for up to an hour, then change the water and rinse the beans, then I simmer again until tender, or at that point...
  15. CoteRotie

    Wild Boar

    I ordered the wild boar stew meat from D'Artagnan and the ground wild boar from Broken Arrow Ranch. I made Tuscan style sauces from both to see which I liked better. Both were good, but I'd give the edge to D'Artagnan for having a stronger more Tuscan-like flavor. (I minced the stew chunks...
  16. CoteRotie

    Wild Boar

    Cinghiale! Very popular in Tuscany. I've found ground wild boar meat here in the Bay Area, and tried to recreate the Tuscan style red sauce, but the boar doesn't seem to be as flavorful. It's OK, but not the same. I don't know where the markets source the boar or if it's truly wild. There's...
  17. CoteRotie

    bikes bikes bikes

    Love the name, I'm a Campy only guy, at least on my road bike (since they stopped making Mt. bike gruppos years ago.)
  18. CoteRotie

    Sous vide units- what's good and what's not

    I have this one https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073R2PZF3/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Specifically because it doesn't have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, SPI, I2C,RS-232,RS-485, SPMI, or any other interface other than mechanical controls.
  19. CoteRotie

    What separates a low quality stone vs a high quality stone

    Hmmm, a combo stone where you're only supposed to soak one side? "Soak the medium stone but never soak the fine (#6000) side" Sounds strange to me, is that a thing?
  20. CoteRotie

    soy sauce

    Back to soy sauce, I buy this stuff all the time. I don't read Japanese so I don't know what it is but I can recognize the bottle. Anyone else use or know anything about this stuff? Way more complex and deep than Kikkoman.