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    180mm Feather Gyuto (work in progress)

    Wow, what a nice etching job. Wood looks like ringed gidgee?
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    My knives, Markin Andrei.

    Wow, that is one thin tip! Did you laminate it yourself or have you been so lucky to find a source for laminated stainless besides vg10?
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    beater most used knife

    +1 kind of matte look. No flah or bling but it looks nice.
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    Dust in the shop

    So interesting to see all your setups. You don't smell the fire with a respirator indeed. I saw smoke from the machine when I changed belts. Switching wood to steel and not cleaned the piled up wooddust. Guess that's most often the culprit.
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    A2 steel - History and Properties

    Nice read Thanks
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    "If you build a handle, the blade will come"

    Does this work primarily on maple, a certain class of woods or will any wood do?
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    Durability testing Watanabe Pro Gyuto

    U serious about the dropped hair split? I split a dropped potatoe and tomato, cleancut paper towel and sliced a tomato sideways without touching it, so i know my sharpening basics. Still a dropped hair seems like a longshot. Maybe a very long one. Or maybe my finisher just isn't good enough.
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    Durability testing Watanabe Pro Gyuto

    I find this sharpening style works best with thicker knives. Makes sense too as the angle towards the zero grind is less steep. I suppose a thin knife with a low bevel would work too. For a thin knife with high bevel it just gets too fragile for my taste. For that knife I use a regime of 1 zero...
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    How this cooking/knife lifestyle ruined your life.

    Since we are complaining cutting boards, the opposite happened to me two weeks ago. I was staying at my aunt so I checked out the kitchen. Brought my stones as I usually do just in case. Nice large end grain board. I think 'off to good start'. Large block of western knives. So I pull one out...
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    How this cooking/knife lifestyle ruined your life.

    Damn you caught me. Rewinded Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix to see what Samin uses. Miyabi birchwood. There's worse choices I think to myself. Then she goes on to use someones heritage knife on a ceramic plate. The horror.
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    150mm Honesuki

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    First knife - trash recycling

    Often I find the rehab and tuneup projects the most fun. Takes a lot less time and boring grindwork than making a new one from a strip of metal.
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    First knife - trash recycling

    Nice rehab. Still not sure where the particle board went into it though.
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    Kinda diggin this one!

    Nice press!!!!
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    A few amature pieces

    Smallest knife I made sure gets the most use :). Welcome to the club.
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    Damasteel Chefs/Cake knife

    That is some maple your backyard produces!
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    Kinda diggin this one!

    Beauty! Glued, pinned or brazed bolsters?
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    Where should my knife balance? (WITH CAD)

    All very good and valid points albeit they leave open the question of how best to model the resulting complex doubly curved surface into a CAD model for the purpose of calculating the balance point prior to actually making the knife. The freehand procedure as described is not that hard. I did...
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    Stringer WIP

    Decent middleweight. Looks good. You cut the onion sidewayswith a slice. Have you tried swiping the tip through? That cutting style requires more of the geometry than the slice. Most of my western knives can cut a decent onion with a slice but only my J-knife and heavily modified ones can do a...