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    Favorite cookbooks

    I enjoy McFadden's book as well. If you like Six Seasons you'd probably also enjoy the cookbooks by David Tanis, Market Cooking especially. Like McFadden they tend to be simple recipes that rely on good quality fresh ingredients and skew vegetarian although not exclusively so.
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    Seafood Moroccan Style Salmon with Charmoula, Preserved Lemons and Olives

    Most of the Ottolenghi books have recipes that include preserved lemon, try Plenty More. You can also use the search function at The Guardian, you'll get quite a few hits. With a few exceptions I think their food writers, including Ottolenghi, are good.
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    Cutting board suggestions

    I own, have owned, or have frequently used Hinoki, maple edge grain, maple end grain, cherry end grain, Epicurean, Hi-Soft, Hasagawa PE (brown), plus innumerable plastic boards. If you don't mind the weight, added board height, and maintenance I'd suggest you buy a cherry end grain. Wood is...
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    Fresh Chinese Mustard Greens, gai choy?

    The dangers of shopping on an empty stomach. I was out shopping and running errands this morning fueled only by a cup of coffee and bought some Chinese Mustard Greens thinking that I must have a recipe or two for them but all the recipes I have call for the pickled version. I did find one...
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    WTS Hitohira Tanaka Kyuzo 240 migaki

    If I didn't already have the KU version I'd be all over this. GLWS, they are really nice knives.
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    Anyplace where restaurants are doing well?

    If you have any kind of reliable income stream in Milwaukee I would counsel patience for the next six months, the situation is unpredictable but likely to get worse before it gets better globally. Northern New England has been doing relatively well with respect to the virus and might be one of...
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    Bryan Raquin Passaround

    First, my thanks to @Jaszer13 for putting together this passaround. Also, credit to the prior users as the knife arrived looking very carefully cared for, in marked contrasts to some other passarounds. My comments will be brief both because I'm pressed for time and because the knife has...
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    Favorite apple varieties?

    I like Mutsus, but I think more people know them as Crispins these days. I've never had an Arkansas Black, it sounds really interesting. I really don't know all that much about apples. I didn't get really interested until we moved to Maine. Northern New England is sort of an epicenter for...
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    Favorite apple varieties?

    Since we're in prime apple season I'm curious as to other members favorites? I love the now ubiquitous Honeycrisp but I also enjoy the following: Fostbite aka MN 447 This is an old (1930s) U of M variety. It just had an number rather than a name for decades because the U thought it was too...
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    Chinese food, by way of Omaha

    You have what in my opinion is the best book to start with for Chinese cooking. I own her other three cookbooks as well as books by Eileen Yin-Fei Lo and Grace Young but Land of Plenty is, by far, my most used. It is difficult to pick a single dish but Mapo Tofu is probably the one I make the...
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    Frustration with Instagram and webstore races to get custom makers' new knives

    La Montagne watches this thread with avid interest
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    High end frying pan recommendation

    Per @btbyrd and @rmrf your 3 ply All-Clad frypan is just fine, especially since you have a heavier pan for searing. Your electric cooktop is really your greatest limitation. What might you want in a saute' pan?
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    Poll: Are high end knives = high end cookware?

    My knives aren't what I'd consider high end but many of them are north of $250. Most of our cookware is old (>20 years) All-Clad with a scattering of Le Creuset and Lodge pieces plus a few others. As much as I love food I'm only a decent cook and I have little or no sense that better cookware...
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    Espresso Machine Recommendations Please

    The Roastery is a bit off my turf although I have been driving to that area occasionally either to buy baguettes or alcohol. Aged or monsooned coffees can be something of an acquired taste unless you prefer very low acidity, they sometimes pick up a peppery note which is interesting, but they...
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    2020 bucket list

    I think you should call it "gin"
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    Bryan Raquin Passaround

    Raquin arrived in Minnesota early this evening. Kudos to my predecessors on the list as the knife is in fine shape and looks well cared for in marked contrast to the torture some other passarounds have suffered. Initial observations: It isn't quite as much of a beast as I anticipated. At...
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    2020 bucket list

    Yeah, Harbeer told me to talk to you. I've been putting it off since I don't have the funds right now and am trying avoid extra temptation.
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    2020 bucket list

    I did buy a knife from Harbeer/HSC/// this year but no Catchsides or HFs. I'm back on the Kippington wait list for a third knife from him and talking to Thornton Blades/Beau Nidle. I'd still be interested in the right HF but my eyes are more firmly fixed on a 220 - 230mm AEB-L gyuto from Devin...
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    Lack of knowledge, or just diarrhea of the mouth?

    What is or is not a good deal is entirely a matter of perception. An individual armed with more information may have a better idea as to whether or not it is possible to buy the same item at a lower price, given some degree of patience, but the monetary value is adventitious to the object...
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    So I got this gift coupon for CKTG

    I have mixed feelings about To Go. I would agree with those who have suggested stones or spoons as safer but but I don't think all their inexpensive knives are junk. Personally, I'd look at the Tosa makers: Zakuri, Murata, Muneishi/Yusaku, and Kajiwara. To the extent that one can generalize...