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    Bought Sukenari YXR7 or HAP40

    So if you had to choose, yxr7 or hap40? I'm contemplating picking one up.
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    Yoshikane > Kato & Kamo

    I watched it again 😂
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    Knife findings

    I did not reference your statement
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    Knife findings

    I’ve contacted mizuno directly and their pricing was more expensive direct than thru jck.
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    Affordable S grinds?

    running man forge does a Kamon knock-off
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    Show your newest knife buy

    She ain’t so chunky anymore.
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    Sharpening a Vegetable Peeler

    I wonder how many times I'm going to watch this video. Also I'm going to invest in a new box of finger cots for the crew before I do this to the peelers.
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    WTS (/WTT) Sugimoto 4030, Jiro 240mm gyuto #057, Watanabe 270mm gyuto

    I think he’s gone full stainless. Bless his soul.
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    first knife: Fujiwara Denka?

    Ma Mazaki. He learned it from kato.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Well looks like you’re back in the swing of things!!! And I’m back to wanting to be adopted by you. 🤣
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    Your favourite size Gyuto and why ?

    Once you get into sharpening, there’s a few good videos floating around.
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    Leather-covered mag strip?

    2 of those knives look almost the same length. Have you finally come to agree that 240mm and 242mm are different sizes and that you actually need both? Welcome to the club.
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    Your favourite size Gyuto and why ?

    Its not that the vegetables are gigantic, its just much more efficient to use a larger knife. Sure if you only have 1 carrot to cut, go ahead and use a steak knife but if you have a **** ton to cut then the bigger knife wins.
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    It’s been 13mins. I’m not even going to try. 😂
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    Your favourite size Gyuto and why ?

    250-260mm. It just get the job done well. Also I learned my knife skills with a 10" forschner so it's just what I'm trained to use. A 210mm is adequate for me for smaller things and cooking at home. I think a 165mm-180mm nakiri actually pairs well with a 210mm well. It gives you a similar...
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    SOLD Gesshin Heiji 150 semistainless honesuki (single bevel)

    You should probably just eat more chicken and your dilemma will be solved.
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    Just a few good friends of tchan001

    Beautiful. I have a similar one in his cue. Love to hear what you think of it.
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    Konosuke HD2.

    yea. I stop at 2k. I used to use a 1k/6k stone to maintain the restaurant knives but now I just go sg500 if needed and then sp2k. There’s been a few stitches from this edge.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    I heard about this maker one time. Any more specifics on the type of knife? Are these ones specifically designed to open coconuts?