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  1. blunt_cutter

    Recipe Requested Venison favorites?

    Swiss steak with the deboned legs. It helps if you debone them, freeze them and cut with a bandsaw. Also how we cut them to make jerky, Another family favorite is backstraps sliced about the size of two stacked silver dollars, coated with finely blended or food processed saltines and deep...
  2. blunt_cutter

    Unpopular opinions

    It was entertaining, some very fine folks on both sides.
  3. blunt_cutter

    What do you use to open a coconut?

    This is the only way I know.
  4. blunt_cutter

    Unpopular opinions

    Glasnow looks scared.
  5. blunt_cutter

    Unpopular opinions

  6. blunt_cutter

    Recipe Requested Mohawk Valley limburger cheese spread

    Does anyone have a good recipe that is similar to the discontinued Kraft Mohawk Valley limburger cheese spread? I have some medium ripe limburger and am guessing equal parts it and cream cheese. I hope that someone here has an affinity for the stuff and has perfected a replacement. Also, I...
  7. blunt_cutter

    Unpopular opinions

    I find it hard to come to any other conclusion.
  8. blunt_cutter

    Unpopular opinions

    I wish that moderation a bit ridiculous thread hadn't been closed. It was becoming entertaining.
  9. blunt_cutter

    Shipping knife from Los Angeles to New York - USPS Priority, Fedex or UPS Ground?

    Nobody asked about tape, do you prefer clear packing tape, opaque packing tape, duct tape, scotch tape, the tape with the strings in it? All the peanuts and foam in the world won't matter if the outside box doesn't stay closed. ;)
  10. blunt_cutter

    what are you drinking tonight?

  11. blunt_cutter

    Unpopular opinions

    caring about anything is lame, our planet is meaningless within the infinite universe and there are an infinite number of universes like ours which are all equally meaningless
  12. blunt_cutter

    Unpopular opinions

    I know nothing about guitars other than real men only play les paul. Haha. If someone says crap like that seriously they are expressing a prejudice not a feeling of caring for the object in question.
  13. blunt_cutter

    Unpopular opinions

    one definition of care: verb 1. feel concern or interest; attach importance to something. If you have an interest in it, you care about it. So you care about knives. It sounds as if your personal experience is with those who care more about status than automobiles. They might as well post...
  14. blunt_cutter

    Unpopular opinions

    A car is a tool like a knife so you might as well say caring about knives is lame. Opinions vary.
  15. blunt_cutter

    What movies with a cooking theme would you recommend?

    in Goodfellas they make sauce.
  16. blunt_cutter

    Which is the best laser?

    Laser is a sexy word. Brings up all kinds of reactions. Is a devin thomas ITK gyuto a laser?
  17. blunt_cutter

    What movies with a cooking theme would you recommend?

    Burnt, and what about that Julie Julia one?
  18. blunt_cutter

    Are Long J Knives hard to use?

    My wife says 150 mm feels huge.