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  1. euphorbioid

    SOLD Watanabe Professional 180mm Kaibou (EU)

    Very cool knife. I love Watanabe knives and used them frequently in my home kitchen. Do you have any idea what shipping to the US would run?
  2. euphorbioid

    Automotive sandpaper for thinning

    I read in a thread about thinning a Takeda blade Dave's comment about using automotive sandpaper to do this rather than stones. I like that idea. Thinning a Watanabe gyuto a few years back was painfully slow...and just painful. I have a 270mm kurouchi Yoshihiro sujihiki that seems a bit...
  3. euphorbioid

    Felt Group Buy??

    Hey Dave, long time no see. Please count me in on thenext felt buy. Thanks, Jan
  4. euphorbioid

    Shigefusa 300mm kasumi gyuto for sale

    Price drop to $450 which includes Paypal fees and shipping to CONUS. Thanks, Jan
  5. euphorbioid

    Shigefusa 300mm kasumi gyuto for sale

    For sale is a Shigefusa 300mm kasumi gyuto. It started life as a yo-gyuto. I bought it through Marko back when he was dealing with Dr. Naka, (before Naka opened his own business and then absconded with funds from multiple people) This was "old" new stock but the handle was dried out and quite...
  6. SHIG 300mm kasumi gyuto

    SHIG 300mm kasumi gyuto

  7. euphorbioid

    Knife block for larger knives

    The Boardsmith made a 52 slot maple block for me 3 years ago. It's perfect for daily knife use. My wife has a place for her preferred knives and I have enough room for my collection of daily users. Talk to David Smith, he's a very good craftsman. He will design whatever size you want.
  8. euphorbioid

    Scratches on kurouchi gyuto

    Is this the knife you use on a daily basis? If so, why worry about scratches? I get the knife aesthetics thing and like mine to look nice too. But my daily knives are all scratched up from all sorts of things and they cut just the same. My single bevels, however, are a different story...
  9. euphorbioid

    WTB: Shigefusa Hon Kasumi Gyuto

    I have a 300mm shig gyuto that I could part with if you are interested.
  10. euphorbioid

    japan wood worker

  11. euphorbioid

    Suggestions for Gyuto(s) for the left-handed.

    How do you know it is the asymmetry and not the grind or the thinness behind the edge that improves cutting ability? Short of a controlled experiment can you know?
  12. euphorbioid

    TAKEDAS (4) FS

    Nakiri is history. All are sold. Thanks.
  13. MIZ!


  14. MIZ2


  15. MIZ


  16. euphorbioid

    TAKEDAS (4) FS

    Kiritsuke and funayuki sold
  17. euphorbioid

    Tadasuna INOX sujihiki 300mm

    Yeah, Takeshi's prices on lots of stuff have gone up tremendously.