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    Help fixing a screwed up Mazaki

    I ended up getting the short end of a stick in a trade. I was told this Mazaki was sharpened only twice. I have no clue how someone could screw up a knife this bad without actually trying. Seems the front end has been way over-sharpened and created a bit of a belly. The knife is obviously...
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    WTS Hattori FH Gyuto 270mm

    Hattori Forum Gyuto VG-10. Bought this used when I was looking for a stainless 270mm but never got around to using it. Linen micarta handle which is one of the nicest western handles I've seen. There are scratches from sharpening by previous owner. I tried my best to highlight them but the...
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    WTS Running Man Honyaki Chef's Knife

    Selling a Running Man Forge Honyaki in W2 steel. Sharpened twice. Removed patina and started to polish. 208mm x 50mm $320 shipped CONUS
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    WTS TF 240mm Maboroshi

    Selling a TF Maboroshi. Bought it second hand. Papers say its originally from knifewear. My intention was to thin and polish it but I never got around to it and then ended up finding a Denka in the same size. I laid it down on a fine stone to check the grind but never removed any metal. She's...
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    WTB Mizuno Gyuto

    Looking to get my hands on a Mizuno. Trying to see what's out there and if someone is trying to get rid of one. Shoot me a pm. Interested in Hontanren, dx, or Honyaki depending on asking price.
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    How to kasumi y. tanka?

    I picked up a Y.Tanka Suji from JNS and want to put a nice finish on it. It has some really interesting clad lines but they are very faint. I would like a little help on how to do a full polish/kasumi on the knife. Is it necessary to sand down the whole blade first before hitting it with...
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    SOLD Zwilling Kramer 10" 52100

    Bought this knife from the batch at HomeButcher. Custom handle by Delbert Ealy. Not sure on the wood but the color is a bit iridescent. It showed up pretty bright in these pics. I'll post some more pics later in not such bright light. I bought this originally because I wanted a knife in...
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    SOLD Andrei Markin S-grind 180mm Niolox Nakiri

    This is a cool knife I got from Andrei. I originally added it to an order give I had from Andrei to give to my brother-in-law but he contacted Andrei and ordered a similar knife. Have only done a few test cuts but I'm not a nakiri guy so it never got put to use. Seems to have some cool looking...
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    SOLD Hunter Valley Blades 272mm 52100

    I will regret this sometime down the road when I have space to use this beast but as of now and for the foreseeable future I won't be using this. Used about 3 times. Knife has not seen stones or even a strop. My counter spaces are just too small. It's one hell of a workhorse and super...
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    SOLD Ikeda 210mm Honyaki Shirogami #2

    I bought this as my first Honyaki from a Japanese maker but I don't see myself using it so I want to pass it along. Looking to just make my money back and the crazy deal from bernal cutlery. This one is Shirogami #2 not #3 like the other ones that were posted. I'll post specs later. Didn't...
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    WTB Petty Knife...TF, Heiji

    I'm looking for a petty knife is the 150mm range. Hoping to find a TF Nashji or Heiji petty. Also open to other budget friendly knives in that range. PM me. Thanks
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    WTS Running man forge 8” honyaki

    8” chefs knife made by Running Man Forge in California. W2 tool steel with box elder handle. Classic German style profile. Used a handle full of time. Sharpened twice. I removed the patina and polished. I believe I paid $395. Let’s start this one off at $360 shipped. $335OBO
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    SOLD Kippington Honyaki Laser

    Bought this from BST recently. Steels 1095. Reason for selling is that my name is coming up on Kips list and will be getting a similar knife in my preferred measurements. Want to sell this to clear up funds for said knife. I can very easily use this as my main knife as its redefined what a...
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    WTS Raquin

    I picked this up off BST recently. Beautiful knife but I bought a bunch am looking to narrow down my collection to only knives that will be used regularly. Letting it go for what I paid. Since getting it I cut 2 onions and 3 carrots. Post I bought it from...
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    How to be a good seller on BST

    I’ve bought quite a bit of stuff off BST but haven’t sold anything yet. I definitely have way too much money tied up in knives and need to unload some. Plus I kind of have a better feeling for what works for me. Just curious of tips people have learned over the years. Best way to package...
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    Why 1095?

    What are the characteristics or benefits of 1095? What is it most like? From makers I’ve spoke to, 1095 and 52100 are in the same price range. My experience so far has been that 52100 out preforms 1095 it a ton of categories. Any reason in particular someone chooses 1095?
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    Anyone able to identify this knife?

    Anyone able to tell me what this says?
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    First set of stones

    I'm looking to get into sharpening freehand. I currently use an edgepro professional I got off of craigslist years ago and use a shapton pro 1k and 5k with it, as well as some coarse diamond plates with it for older abused knives. I think its been helpful in helping me understand whats going...
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    Defect or poor finish on handle?

    I’m new to this forum but have been stalking all of your posts for quite some time. I recently bought one of the 26omm Kasumi Jikko’s on sale from jns. It came with what appears to be a poor handle install as compared to any other knife I have. There’s a gap which looked like was filled with...