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    Early use of Chromium in steel discovered

    https://gizmodo.com/1-000-year-old-precursor-to-stainless-steel-found-in-ir-1845145184/amp For the nice steel geeks..... I found this interesting
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    Homemade Strop Advice

    Hello everyone..... Just threw away a couch that had lots of great leather still in great condition. Want to make my own strops. From what I’ve read the best leather is thick vegetable tanned, but I’ve got lots of furniture grade material to play with. Better to use inside surface or outside...
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    Investment or hype?

    Saw this auction posting today for a custom Kramer. What’s the consensus about his knives? Are the carbon Zwilling chefs knives any good? MAC better?
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    Visual aids for sharpening

    Dear KKF members, I’m relatively new here and request some insight into what kinds of visual aids are worth considering to assist my skill development. Honestly, my eyes just aren’t what they used to be. I find it hard to really see what’s going on visually while I attempt to sharpen. I’ve used...
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    Sharpening help

    Sincerely asking for some guidance here. I’m an avid cook using mostly Wusthof and Zwilling, with a nice set of Shun not being used (as I don’t have proper sharpening system). It’s quite confusing to wade through oceans of conflicting information about various stone options. I’m willing to...
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    Hello from Long Island

    Happy to be here with so many like minded members. My name is Mitch. I’m an avid cook with a great fondness for knives. My interest lies somewhere in between complete obsession and sincere appreciation. I’m also a professional kitchen contractor with over 30 years experience and many...