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  1. Randy Jr

    So I'm thinking about passing around my Dragon slayers.

  2. Randy Jr

    Tsunami Suji WIP

    The key is starting with HHH damascus!:wink:
  3. Randy Jr

    Happy Birthday Son!

    Happy birthday Son.
  4. Randy Jr

    1 MILLION layer damascus billet!

    Don- That is exactly it! I added them for 2 reasons to make sure that i had enough steel for the knife at the end:biggrin: and just in case that the other 1000000 layers wre hardly visible or not at all you would still see some pattern. luckily though you can still see the pattern. The next one...
  5. Randy Jr

    1 MILLION layer damascus billet!

    Thats awesome! Thank you for the interest in the project! Picking the handle materials is the hardest part for me, there are so many awesome materials that could go on it....but which ones NEED to be on the knife! Im so happy with how this came out, the pictures really dont do the steel justice...
  6. Randy Jr

    1 MILLION layer damascus billet!

    Finally got the forging done!:dazed::fanning: I cant wait for this baby to cool enough to throw it on the surface grinder, this 1 million layer billet idea has been bugging me for a while now and im happy i finally got that out of my system. No idea if i will even be able to see the layers...
  7. Randy Jr

    The name "HHH knives"

    Dont let him fool you guys, he gave you part of the truth in saying that this knife adventure started about the time his "favorite son" Hunter H Haas was born and then all of a sudden he has a knife shop named HHH Custom knives. I wasnt fooled for a second but reluctantly after years of...
  8. Randy Jr

    San Mai Elmax super steel with a damascus cladding.

    Yeah it was great! but a survivorcam needs to be intalled asap, possibly a helmet cam that i could wear or it might be funnier if dad had it on so you guys could see the liquid steel flying at the camera! Get out your 3-d goggles cuz this is gonna be exciting!:lol2:
  9. Randy Jr


    AJ- Hey thanks for clearing it up, just wanted to check and see. In general though I think the term mid tech devalues the knife, I prefer semi custom It still implies that not all of the work is done by the maker and might make more sense to buyers who aren't familiar with the term. God Bless
  10. Randy Jr


    Not trying to fuel the fire or anything and i may have missed sarcasm if there was any, but if you were serious what would make a HHH a mid tech?
  11. Randy Jr

    Damascus Key chains.

    Wild Boar: That sounds like one crazy gift idea! But why only a 12 inch skillet, If were doing something crazy we should go all out im thinking a 2 burner skillet!:lol2: That one made me smile
  12. Randy Jr


    Hey everyone thanks for checking out the wip, its been an awesome experience so far. And now that the move is out of the way i will be able to get back at the meteorite tomorrow morning! shouldnt be long now till dad can get some knife pics up for you guys:D
  13. Randy Jr

    HHH Dammy WIP

    That s turning out great rrlover cant wait to see it finished.
  14. Randy Jr


    Thats awesome salty, it looked very similar to that. It was nice to finally see it for the first time.
  15. Randy Jr


    Raisedbybrocks- We are using 1095 in the mix for carbon Del- thanks again for spending the time sharing your knowledge with me, its much appreciated. And is sure to happen again:D
  16. Randy Jr

    Photos of where I work

  17. Randy Jr


    Today should be the last day of forging for my other order, so soon we will be able to start working this meteorite! This is gonna be so cool :tooth:
  18. Randy Jr

    Damascus 280 Sujihiki WIP

    All i know is this thing is gonna be a stunner when you finally decide what the handle is gonna be:lol2: But i agree if you go with blackwood musk ox and damascus it will look exceptional!
  19. Randy Jr

    Meteorite Damascus

    Eaglewood- man thats awesome meteorite damascus is so cool!
  20. Randy Jr

    Greeting from the Heart of the Thumb!

    Thanks Pierre! raisedbybrocks- thanks alot man, I like your damascus too. the w pattern knife you have on here is awesome!