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  1. euphorbioid

    Automotive sandpaper for thinning

    I read in a thread about thinning a Takeda blade Dave's comment about using automotive sandpaper to do this rather than stones. I like that idea. Thinning a Watanabe gyuto a few years back was painfully slow...and just painful. I have a 270mm kurouchi Yoshihiro sujihiki that seems a bit...
  2. euphorbioid

    Shigefusa 300mm kasumi gyuto for sale

    For sale is a Shigefusa 300mm kasumi gyuto. It started life as a yo-gyuto. I bought it through Marko back when he was dealing with Dr. Naka, (before Naka opened his own business and then absconded with funds from multiple people) This was "old" new stock but the handle was dried out and quite...
  3. euphorbioid

    Hiromoto AS 300mm wa-gyuto

    For sale is a Hiromoto AS 300mm wa-gyuto. It has stainless steel cladding over an aogami super core. This was one of the first Japanese knives I purchased. I am selling it because I have a higher quality gyuto and haven't used this for four years. It recently returned from being sharpened...
  4. euphorbioid

    Tadasuna INOX sujihiki 300mm

    For sale is a Tadasuna INOX sujihiki 300mm. I am asking $225 shipped to CONUS and includes Paypal fees. This knife is currently selling for >$500 at Aframes.com. I did not pay anywhere close to that. This knife recently underwent a complete overhaul by Dave Martell including a complete...
  5. euphorbioid

    TAKEDAS (4) FS

    I bought these knives when I first started out about 5 years ago. I have since gravitated towards single bevel knives for most everything in my home kitchen. All of these have been sharpened by Dave Martell in the last month and have not been used since. There are no broken tips, chips or...
  6. euphorbioid


    I am trying to find oh-toro for sashimi to start off a sake tasting - Japanese dinner in a few weeks. There are several places that will sell 1-2 pounds on-line. Has anybody ever purchased anything from places like that? It ain't cheap and rather than diving in blind I thought I would ask...
  7. euphorbioid


    Any recommendations for brands of kombu, the seaweed used in this broth, and katsuobushi, the flaked dried salted tuna? Anybody use the instant dashi powders or concentrates? Which do you like? Thanks, Jan
  8. euphorbioid

    Hope all our Norwegian brothers are OK

    My thoughts go out to the victims of this despicable attack on Oslo. Hope all the KKF members and their families are OK. Jan
  9. euphorbioid

    Look what Jon found for me #2

    This is the latest addition to my mizu-honyaki yanagiba collection. Made by Ashi Hamono, it is white steel #2 with an outstanding handle of horn (I think, it's been a while since I placed the order) and wood with metal spacers. Jon sent me the pics. Can't wait to see it "in the flesh"...
  10. euphorbioid

    Combatdoc worked wonders on my Watanbe knives

    A while back Marko mentioned to me that the way Watanabe put his handles on his knives was not waterproof. I was concerned that the tangs would rust as these are my go-to knives. Miguel Martinez (AKA combatdoc) at the old place had rehandled a Shigefusa gyuto for me. I contacted him about my...
  11. euphorbioid

    Thinning behind the edge - how much is enough?

    For the first time today I was unable to bring three of my gyutos up to the level of sharpness I have become accustomed to by stropping or using a polishing stone. So I set out to re-bevel them starting with a 400 grit Chosera stone. I recall Dave saying that metal needed to be removed behind...
  12. euphorbioid

    Does anybody brine brisket?

    I am planning on cooking a 15 pound brisket in a Big Green Egg. I have cooked several before that have come out pretty good. I am wondering if I could get a little more moist meat if I brined the brisket prior to cooking. I have cooked them for 15-18 hours and everybody has been happy, but...
  13. euphorbioid

    Look what Jon found for me

    A while back I decided to collect higher-end knives that represent the art of Japanese knife making. Jon Broida has been extremely helpful not only in explaining the labyrinthine industry of Japanese knife making but showing me things I would not have found on my own. This knife is one of...