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  1. peterm

    damascus spoon!

    Maybe I should have titled it WTC (want to commission!) I love my Del Ealy stainless damascus tasting spoon. I'm wondering if anyone else is up to the challenge of making one? Whenever family comes to visit I'm always afraid they'll walk off with mine, so I figured why not get them their own...
  2. peterm

    Cleaver order

    Hi Pierre, I placed a cleaver order with you back in September 2012, with a deposit paid for half the final amount. Since then I've seen no evidence of progress. It's disturbed me that you have refused to provide a specific date by which you expect to complete it. The generalities of...
  3. peterm

    WTB Yoshikane SKD gyuto

    Hi all, I'm in the market for a 240 or 270 Yoshikane SKD gyuto, left or right handed. Back when I was first getting into chef knives I did a bunch of research while on vacation and decided to buy this knife, but never did. Now 5 years later, whenever I think about this knife, I think about...
  4. peterm

    Travel knife?

    What do you guys use as a knife when traveling on vacation? I just came back and the ones there were very poor - made cutting anything a royal chore and really reduces any desire I have to cook. I figured that, at least when I'm bringing check on, I'd wrap up a knife and bring it along too...
  5. peterm

    Ashi Hamono steel type

    Hi all, Thanks to the couple threads talking about Ashi's cleavers, I'm thinking of ordering one myself. They offer a stainless (apparently AEBL) or a carbon (white #2) option, and I've got to pick one. The stainless is hardened to 60 while the carbon is 61-62. I have no experience with...
  6. peterm

    Adding bolster to western handle

    Hi all, I've done several rehandles in the past, but they've always either already had a bolster, or else they were a stick tang that were easy to slide a slotted bolster over. But now it's summer and I have a bit of free time, so the time has come where I've got a knife that I'd like to put...