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  1. adletson

    First Carbon Steel Gyuto

    Thanks for the feedback guys! That Kurouchi is a beautiful looking knife! I guess I'm back to saving up...
  2. adletson

    First Carbon Steel Gyuto

    Length: 210mm Budget: Around $80 I have wanted to try a carbon gyuto for a long time and have now gotten the money together to buy a beginner one. I was considering ordering a Fujiwara FKH but before I did wanted to see if there was anyone on here that had a knife they would like to part...
  3. adletson

    Suisin knife Giveaway

    Amazing! Still the kindest forum I've ever been a part of!
  4. adletson

    Places to eat in Atlanta, GA

    Are you talking about Andretti? That's where I was thinking.
  5. adletson

    F/S Yoshikane 24 cm SKD gyuto

    I have to admit I get excited any time I see a FS thread you start Pensacola. I can't afford anything you are selling, but there is no telling what beauty is about to come out of your collection.
  6. adletson

    Places to eat in Atlanta, GA

    Thanks so much guys! We are staying in Buckhead with a friend. We're doing a Braves games and he wants to go go-cart driving. Other than that we're still trying to figure out what we want to do. All those sound great Rodney. Donuts sound incredible right now.
  7. adletson

    Places to eat in Atlanta, GA

    My son (8) and I are heading for a father son trip to Atlanta and I was hoping for some good suggestions on places to eat. We're both pretty adventurous but trip is low cost so hole in the walls are welcome. Pizza, tacos, burgers? Any direction is appreciated.
  8. adletson

    Some thoughts on sausage making...

    I'm planning a big sausage making session this weekend. I've got some casings and plan on making 2 different types of sausage. One is definitely going to be unstuffed breakfast sausage. Anyone have a good recipe? For the second sausage I'm looking for ideas. I've never made a stuffed...
  9. adletson

    On the bench, or what I am up to

    That damascus is absolutely incredible. I don't think I would be able to use that. I'd be too afraid to mess it up.
  10. adletson

    On the bench, or what I am up to

    I'm definitely in! Hard to choose between a parer or a gyuto, but I think I would have to say most wished for is a gyuto.
  11. adletson

    Starting things off with a Giveaway!

    I'm in! Thanks!
  12. adletson

    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    What is it about the paella pan that makes it a requirement? It seems that a lot of dishes have work arounds but paella continually comes up that you gotta have the pan. I've never had paella so really interested in seeing what it's like.
  13. adletson

    Pizza oven for home use?

    I don't have one, but lots of people have temped it (with pics) at 850+ at the stone and 1000+ in the dome, which is in the range that traditional neopolitan pizza requires.
  14. adletson

    Pizza oven for home use?

    If I were getting a pizza oven today, the link below is what I would get. It has made huge waves at the pizzamaking forum and has consistently achieved Neopolitan results (albeit with some mods). http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CELFJ4A/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20 You could drop $450 on this...
  15. adletson

    Please help me to save PIZZA

    If you are serious about making a better pizza, go to the forum at pizzamaking.com. (Hope it's okay to point to another forum here.) That has got to be the largest collection of pizza geeks and gurus on the planet. They can answer practically any question you have. I have been making all the...
  16. adletson

    Last minute help

    Okay to expand a little more the host is wanting 3 meat apps (one beef, one chicken, one other) and then various other grilled sides. The $200 does not include alcohol or dessert so I've got the whole $200 to play with. Right now I'm thinking sirloin kebabs w/ pineapples, pork tenderloin...
  17. adletson

    Last minute help

    I've been asked to grill appetizers for a bday party for 30 people on Friday. We have a budget of $200 for the food and she wants it meat centric. I'm wanting to do sirloin kebabs for one option. Does anyone have a great sauce I could serve on the side? I'm planning on doing grilled pork...
  18. adletson

    Trouble sharpening the curves of knives

    Well 4 months to the day since my last post. I took about an hour and a half last night and went through a few of my knives (8" Forschner chef's, 150 mm Fujiwara stainless petty, 4.5 Forschner parer, 8" Miyabi Kaizen chef's). I'm gradually getting better by reading through the board. Last...
  19. adletson

    free beeswax

    Thanks so much for your generosity!