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  1. adletson

    First Carbon Steel Gyuto

    Length: 210mm Budget: Around $80 I have wanted to try a carbon gyuto for a long time and have now gotten the money together to buy a beginner one. I was considering ordering a Fujiwara FKH but before I did wanted to see if there was anyone on here that had a knife they would like to part...
  2. adletson

    Places to eat in Atlanta, GA

    My son (8) and I are heading for a father son trip to Atlanta and I was hoping for some good suggestions on places to eat. We're both pretty adventurous but trip is low cost so hole in the walls are welcome. Pizza, tacos, burgers? Any direction is appreciated.
  3. adletson

    Last minute help

    I've been asked to grill appetizers for a bday party for 30 people on Friday. We have a budget of $200 for the food and she wants it meat centric. I'm wanting to do sirloin kebabs for one option. Does anyone have a great sauce I could serve on the side? I'm planning on doing grilled pork...
  4. adletson

    Trouble sharpening the curves of knives

    I tried once again this weekend to sharpen my knives (worked on Forschner 8 in chef's as a practice and Miyabi Kaizen 8 in gyuto, which is what I use the majority of the time) and can get a serviceable edge on the flat parts. Not great, but serviceable. It bites into my thumb nail when I'm...
  5. adletson

    Help with newbie sharpening

    First off, here's what I've got to work with. Edgepro with 200 & 300 grit stone, ceramic hone that came with Edgepro, Norton 4000 & 8000 combo stone. I was able to pinch some pennies and I ordered a Fujiwara FKM Stainless 150mm petty. So far my experience has been mixed. I like the feel...
  6. adletson

    Need advice on 2 knives

    What type of knife(s) do you think you want? Honesuki and petty or paring (What's the difference?) Why is it being purchased? What, if anything, are you replacing? The honesuki because I have begun to break down nearly all the meat we eat from larger cuts rather than buying it already...
  7. adletson

    How the heck do I sharpen this thing?

    I have been on several forums in the past on a variety of subjects, and having done that I know what it can be like when a noob drops by and asks a huge question that (a) has an answer that is too big and intricate to dump in one post or (b) has been rehashed a thousand times before if one would...
  8. adletson

    Checking in from Alabama

    Thought this was a good place to start by introducing myself. I'm a knife noob who's been working with low quality German steel for about 8 years and this year got a Miyabi that I really like. I mostly ended up here because I'm terrified of messing up the edge and from perusing for the last...