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  1. Lucretia

    Tansu San mai Tanto style boning knife

    Unused boning knife from Mert Tansu, forged from stainless clad vtoku (Takefu's version of blue.) Brown mallee burl handle. There are a couple small marks on the blade near the bolster--see photos. $530 shipped, insured, Paypal fees included. CONUS sales only, please.
  2. Lucretia

    Insecure logins

    Lately when I've tried to login, Firefox is giving me a message that the connection is insecure and my password is visible to the world. Sure enough, no "https://". If you try to force a secure connection by typing https, it pukes. Same for PMs, etc. Has the site gone away from secure...
  3. Lucretia

    Epicurean Ryusen SG2 165mm Santoku San Mai Damascus

    This knife is from Epicurean Edge's exclusive "Epicurean" line from RyuSen. (See more info here:epicurean ryusen ) I call it a Blazen in a party dress. SG-2 core with stainless damascus san mai. Rounded spine and choil, cocobolo handle with a decorative pin. Really comfortable knife to use...
  4. Lucretia

    Tsukasa Hinoura 240mm Damascus Half Twist Gyuto

    This is an amazing knife--one of the most strikingly beautiful knives in the drawer. Great cutter, but it just doesn't fit me--I find myself reaching for other knives instead. So far it's been used on a handful of carrots, a little cabbage, an onion, a few other vegetables and that's about...
  5. Lucretia

    Where'd the donate button go?

    Wanted to donate after a knife sale, and can't find the button. :(
  6. Lucretia

    Western (yo) Ironwood Handle Yoshihide 150 mm Petty Knife from Shigefusa shop

    OK, guys & gals, this one is not something you see every day. 150mm petty, made by Tokifusa Iizuka's younger son Yoshihide. Purchased new from Japanese Natural Stones, lightly used. It has clouds, but I've pretty much obliterated them cleaning off the patina. Don't remember if it's seen the...
  7. Lucretia

    Delbert Ealy "Old Style" Carbon Damascus Paring Knife

    This is the older, shorter style of petty made by Del. It's carbon damascus with a wild almond burl handle. About 2 3/4" heel to tip, 6 3/4" overall length. Only used it a few times--can't remember if it's been on the stones. It hasn't seen enough use to have been sharpened, but I think I...
  8. Lucretia

    More PM problems

    Trying to send a PM. Type a long, disjointed message, hit "submit" and get a blank screen. Nothing shows up in my sent box. According to my message count, I still have a few to go before the limit is reached. Is this a generic problem, or have I ticked someone off? :eyebrow:
  9. Lucretia

    It begins....

    Spring is here!
  10. Lucretia

    8 3/4" Mareko Maumasi "Chef's Knife"

    Some qualifiers on this review. I've only used the knife twice and it hasn't been on the stones, so no telling what edge retention & sharpening will be like. This is just a first impression. I'm a home cook preparing meals for two, so I just cut things--don't have any radical knife skills...
  11. Lucretia

    Bring in the brass monkey!

    How cold is it? It's colder than a witch's *** in a cast iron bra.
  12. Lucretia

    How do you cook beets?

    With beets showing up on the most hated list, I was wondering--how do you get them to taste good? I had them once in a restaurant and they were wonderful (with carrots & leeks in a cream sauce) but any time I've tried to cook them at home they taste like dirt.
  13. Lucretia

    Women, feet, and knives (aka stupid knife tricks)

    Just for Edipis... (And proof that Mr Rader's handles are the best for any application!) https://vimeo.com/76194055
  14. Lucretia

    If I ignore you, will you go away?

    After a couple years of membership and more than 2000 additional members, I've added people to my "ignore" list for the first time. 2 people made it to the "too much of an arrogant blowhard with absolutely nothing of interest to say" list in one day. Can't decide if I should be depressed about...
  15. Lucretia

    When Hummingbirds Attack II--Terror from the Skies

    There's a fuschia bush on the corner of the house that's in full bloom right now, and we have a hummingbird that's staked it out. Sometimes in plain sight: Sometimes in stealth mode: But go anywhere near its fuschia bush, and you WILL get threatened. It likes to...
  16. Lucretia

    Places to eat in Buffalo, NY?

    My sister's son is leaving the nest and starting his first job at Buffalo U. She's taking him up this week to get him settled in--any places she should eat in the area?
  17. Lucretia

    Tanaka SG-2 Ironwood Nakiri

    This is a beautiful knife, and if there was room for drawer queens at my house, I'd keep it just to look at it. But I've decided that knives need a point on the end, so time for this one to go. It's very lightly used, but not in brand-new condition, although it does come in the original box...
  18. Lucretia

    Sometimes insomnia isn't a bad thing...

    when you catch sunrises like the one today:
  19. Lucretia

    Best. Chick Movies. Ever.

    It's been out for years, but finally got around to seeing Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof" (from Grindhouse.) Goes right up there on the chick movie list of "I been done wrong, time to kick some butt" movies along with "Kill Bill" and "Tank Girl."
  20. Lucretia

    Happy Pi Day!

    Any excuse to celebrate...:funfunfunfun::hoot::jumping3: