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  1. Unstoppabo

    Deba restoration project

    Interesting vid from mystery YouTuber that might be Japanese. Very interesting handle replacement technique I've never seen before and a fun trick on the stones right at the 12 minute mark. Deba restoration video
  2. Unstoppabo

    The most KKF peeler ever

    About a month back, Facebook's genius video algorithm decided I should watch a video of a rural village somewhere in Southeast Asia cooking up some birds. Most of the cutting was done with an assortment of cleavers but then they busted out a crazy peeler that looked like a cleaver with a slot...
  3. Unstoppabo

    Four Star Kasumi Refinish!

    By 4 star, I mean a Zwilling JA Henckels 4 Star 6 inch sandwich knife I've had for almost 20 years :P Didn't intend to do this at the start so no before pictures but I haven't touched the finish before so it looked pretty close to pics below of the factory finish. Haven't had time to play...
  4. Unstoppabo

    310 knife co.

    So this popped up on ig and actually looks pretty interesting! https://www.310knifeco.com/ Anyone have any first hand experience?
  5. Unstoppabo

    Aluminum knife hoax?

    This has over a million views on youtube so someone may have already posted this but if not... https://youtu.be/owseTngZFMI Seems fake to me but what do you think? If it isn't, anyone know what the HRC of aluminum foil is? :lol2::lol2:
  6. Unstoppabo

    Interesting use of a sobakiri and honesuki!

    https://youtu.be/mRlnkyIhbeU Not sure whether I should cringe or be impressed
  7. Unstoppabo

    Sharpen or polish first?

    Hi KFF, dedicated reader but infrequent contributor that's kinda new to the knife game. Home cook and primarily drawn to knives for the craftsmanship that goes into knives and the ultimate pursuit of sharp. Wanted to thank everyone for the great info here and throw out a question to the experts...
  8. Unstoppabo

    Why is no one mass producing monosteel lasers?

    Looking at the prices for the Suisin Inox and Konosuke HD, demand for monosteel lasers seems pretty high. Haven't found definitive data on how either is made but guessing you could roll out thin blanks, stamp or cut them to the right size and just grind to finish. The Germans are pretty damn...