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  1. Tag302

    What am I even doing? part 2

    The trusty shovel is back at it again! This time I wanted to try a more useful chef knife design than the Serbian chef I did before. Since all my other “nice-ish” knives are 8-12 blades, I wanted to add a smaller blade to the arsenal. The blade on this guy is about 6 3/4 inches. I am really...
  2. Tag302

    Strip old oil from handles?

    Hello, has anyone found an effective way to clean and/or strip old oil from a wooden handle? I have a lot of old knives that have pretty significantly darkened from use over the years and was wondering if they could be brightened without the use of sandpaper? Thanks
  3. Tag302

    Another shovel project and a question

    So I started another project with this shovel I have. This blade ended up being about 8 inches long. The spine got a little not straight when I was using a cutoff wheel in poor lighting, but I can live with it, lol. We’ll call it a “weight reducing feature”... I am wondering what kind of bevel...
  4. Tag302

    What am I even doing?

    I really have no idea what I’m doing... this knife is the epitome of jerry-rigged. the blade is made from a shovel, the scales are teak from an old window frame, the pins are steel bolts I ground smooth, and the brass accent is from a random piece of brass I found in a drawer.
  5. Tag302

    Picked up a vintage Trompette, Henckels and another unknown French knife

    I just picked up these 4 knives. My journey into knives started only recently and I have quickly found that old carbon is my weakness... I went in a bit of a shopping spree on ebay.... lol. I have no clue what the bottom one is. It has a stamp I am not familiar with. But second from the bottom...
  6. Tag302

    “New” beater carbon cleaver. Unknown maker

    Hello, I just picked up this old cleaver for a couple dollars. I am a sucker for dirty old carbon and wanted a new little project. As I am fairly new to the knife world I was wondering if anyone could help identify the maker. I am unable to read all the words, bit was able to make out a few. I...
  7. Tag302

    Knife unknowns

    Hello, newbie here! I purchased this knife a few months ago in VERY rough condition. There were chips in the edge and the tang was rusted away. I welded a new tang and made a new handle (yes, I realize the handle is a bit short). Would anyone know any more info about this knife? I had a friend...
  8. Tag302

    Hi from North Carolina, USA

    Hello, my name is Tag, I am a doctoral student in the USA. I love to cook and work with my hands. So naturally, I love to work on knives. I have just begun to scratch the surface of knives and have made a couple from scratch, and rehandled a couple from Japan. Most of my knives are carbon steel...