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  1. blunt_cutter

    Recipe Requested Mohawk Valley limburger cheese spread

    Does anyone have a good recipe that is similar to the discontinued Kraft Mohawk Valley limburger cheese spread? I have some medium ripe limburger and am guessing equal parts it and cream cheese. I hope that someone here has an affinity for the stuff and has perfected a replacement. Also, I...
  2. blunt_cutter

    Oops, just saw I should post here first

    Hi I am looking for info concerning kitchen knives, primarly japanese. I have a Takeda 270 gyuto, a Devin Thomas ITK which I think is a 240 gyuto and the knife pictured which I was hoping someone could tell me what it is. I have been away from knives/cooking for a long time.
  3. blunt_cutter

    Devin Thomas ITK

    Did ITK go away or become this forum? I am beginning to cook again (which means get into knives also) after several years away from it and the only way I even found reference to ITK is when I googled this knife I bought from there. Well, actually I bought it from CKTG but ITK designed it...
  4. blunt_cutter


    I hoped to find some help identifying a Japanese knife I got from a family member.