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    Flying high on the West Coast

    Howdy folks. It's been such an exciting month . . read on to find out what . . is about to happen! Don't have time to read? Watch this . . (Coming soon, video of my new kitten doing helicopters off the bed with the Blue Mouse).:D
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    Disc Sanders

    Two part query: 1. What kind of disc sander do you use? 2. If you were to purchase a disc sander with the express purpose of making wa handles, what would you buy? What diameter? Which manufacturer?
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    Musk ox horn as a handle material.

    I recently acquired a small piece of musk ox horn, with the intention of using it as a ferrule. The transaction went fine, the piece is the right size, and it's a nice color. It's relatively straight-grained, rather than "brainy". So, after having the piece for a couple of days, I sanded and...
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    I've always wanted a Porsche, but only now have actually seriously considered buying one (used). My Hondas are no fun. If anyone owns one, or used to own one, I'd like to hear about it.
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    Free Speech

    What fun. If I keep doing this, I can sell a knife. Anyway, the question of the hour is: Have you ever REFRAINED FROM SPEAKING OUT about something you did not think was right because you were afraid of retaliation, whether:cool2: on the job, or from the police?
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    ??? pardon me while I figure this out . .