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    Shipping or Traveling to UK (Wales) with Kitchen Knives

    My wife is traveling to Wales next week and I was hoping to send a knife with her as a gift for our host. Some quick searches indicated that bringing a knife even in checked baggage would not be advised. Looks like shipping is my fallback position. I suspect that someone here has some...
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    Mostly Sharp and Pointy

    I commissioned Butch to make a Chef's knife for my niece as a culinary school graduation gift. It turned out so nice that my mom had him make a utility to match for her gift. They came out great with unbelievably comfortable handles of Butch's own multi-colored micarta and CPM-154. Congrats...
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    Greetings from East Norriton

    Hello everyone, Nice forum you have here Dave. Deker and Butch told me about it when I was down at Fire & Brimstone this weekend. Looks like you are only about 40 miles up the road from me. Looks like I need a few hours to catch up on the action here. I picked up some of Aldo's 3/32"...