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    I'M BACK!!!

    Howdy all, I just wanted to reintroduce myself. My name is Will I used to live in Central Jersey spent the last 2.5 months in Chicago completing Navy bootcamp and now I am down in Pensacola, Fl getting ready to start my "A" school. I was a member here before I left for boot and built a fairly...
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    Long term storage for carbon knives?

    Okay as some of you may or may not know I am leaving for navy bootcamp in a week, assuming everything goes well after two months I will then have 5 months of schooling to be followed by deployment to round out 4 years. While there will be small opportunities to come home and hopefully dust the...
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    Help me pick a knife

    I need some help spending some money, I've been spending a little too much time here on KKF which has resulted in me deciding I need a new knife. As I am new I only have a couple high end knives, a 300mm Shigefusa yanagi and a 180mm Shigefusa gyuto. As I flesh out my collection I'm sure the...
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    Cutting board/butcher block questions

    Okay I'm new here, have a few nice knives and figure out that it's time for me to get a decent cutting board/butcher block. I want something end grain and know that on this forum Boardsmith is the go to guy and have looked at his site and really like what I see but have a question about another...
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    Greetings from Jersey

    Hello, I figured it is time to introduce myself as I have been lurking around for the last month or so. I am a 24 year old home cook (if you can call cooking twice a week or so a home cook). I have limited knowledge of high end kitchen knives just picking things up online. have never had any...