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  1. BobCat

    No Kitchen Required

    Seen this BBC program? An upcoming episode was filmed in New Mexico. Looks interesting. http://www.santafenewmexican.com/sfnmhome/dining/features/Culinary-elite-battle-for-Apache-honor-in--No-Kitchen-Required-
  2. BobCat

    Fruit Trees

    I love trees. In the desert a tree is a gift. We have a small fruit orchard: apricot, peach, pear, apple and plum trees. In lucky seasons we actually get some fruit! Here is a pic of the apricot tree in full bloom on a rare rainy day in Santa Fe. Just want to share.
  3. BobCat

    Stephan Fowler Custom Order

    This is still in Georgia, but will be mailed to me tomorrow with a matching maple saya/red pin. Can't wait to get it. I will update with pics, specs and a review ASAP!
  4. BobCat

    Venison sausage recipe?

    A friend gave me some venison yesterday (frozen in gigantic meat popsicle block :scared4:) and so I am interested in cooking it all up. Got a recipe for sausage? :hungry:
  5. BobCat

    Argentine Grills for backyard or camping

    Summer is coming, and I just had the good fortune to eat a mixed Argentine Grill at one of Santa Fe's fine spanish restaurants. Hooked!! :thumbsup: Any one have any experience with this type of grilling? The sauces were great also. Found this link...
  6. BobCat

    Hello Everyone!

    Joined the forum today, although I have been a regular reader for sometime now. Relatively new to Japanese Kitchen Knives, but really hooked! Hope to learn a lot more and participate in discussions.:biggrin: