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    WTS Zwilling/ Kramer 52100

    Sent you a PM
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    WTT Carter Kata ha (deba)

    Trade completed
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    WTT Carter Kata ha (deba)

    Trade pending…
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    WTB Hide deba 180mm

    Just posted a 180 mm Carter deba if you’re interested.
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    WTT Carter Kata ha (deba)

    Up for trade is a 180mm Carter single bevel. I inherited this knife so I don’t know much about the history other than MC emailed me it was a rare knife for him to make. I do know that it gets insanely sharp. I have no skills sharpening single bevels so I sent it to Dave Martell for a...
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    Carter single bevel—what do I have?

    Happy holidays. I lurk frequently but post rarely. I own this 180 mm single bevel Carter. If anyone has any details please let me know. Would appreciate any guess at value as I am consider trading it for a double bevel equivalent. Cheers. Matt.
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    GIVEAWAY 240mm Gyuto. HHH Knives. GIVEAWAY!!

    In like Flynn!
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    GIVEAWAY 240mm Gyuto. HHH Knives. GIVEAWAY!!

    IIIIIINNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! Happy turkey Day!
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    GIVEAWAY 240mm Gyuto. HHH Knives. GIVEAWAY!!

    In. I want a damascus ring!
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    Stainless damascus ring.

    I am in for one for sure!
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    GIVEAWAY 240mm Gyuto. HHH Knives. GIVEAWAY!!

    Bad Joke (I'm Catholic so I can tell it!) A rabbi, a lawyer and a priest are on the titanic as it's sinking. Rabbi "Save the children!" Lawyer "Screw the children!" Priest "Do we have time?" Ba dum dum!
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    GIVEAWAY 240mm Gyuto. HHH Knives. GIVEAWAY!!

    I'm in. Love this place!!
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    Game of Thrones!

    The books are amazing. Only problem is George R.R. Martin produces them at a rate of 1 per 5yrs.......
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    Mothers day sale thread

    Del, My buddy covets my buckeye-handled parer so much he offered me his wife for it....think he was kidding. Anyway, I'd love to be on the parer list again.
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    Christmas give away.

    4352. Merry Xmas!
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    Great Cutter

    I'm so far from being an expert it's funny...but I have played with a fair number of knives praised by this board. Of my current gyutos nothing even comes close to the Carter I bought here about a year ago. It defines great cutter to me. Most knives that I have take and hold a great edge but...