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    Favorite Instant Ramen?

    I eat a lot of instant ramen at work. We have a coffee maker that has a hot water tap on it. I keep a bowl here at work so I am just bringing in the package of ramen and some toppings (usually Narutomaki, homemade Chashu and some fresh veg). My co-works are familiar with instant ramen, but not...
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    The Art of Pho

    Shot a video to go with a story on Pho that ran today, video includes how the North and South eats Pho differently. http://youtu.be/3enHSuKX7dQ
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    Making Sushi at home

    How to make sushi at home... including where to get the fish! I found Central Market 's secret stash of sushi grade fish. They have Tuna, Salmon, BBQ eel and Hamachi in a freezer labeled "Frozen Seafood" at the Fort Worth store. I use to have to travel to North Dallas to get the fish...
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    Pesto made with smoked pecans

    Basil is really starting to come in like weeds right now, so it is time to make pesto! I actually make my pesto with pecans since I have pecan trees in my back yard. I also smoke the pecans instead of just toasting them. Gives the pesto a Texas twist. I also hand-chop the pesto with my...
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    Pulled pork video

    Shot a video the other day of one of our local pit guys, Billy Woodrich, fixing pulled pork. His restaurant is also going to be on Spike TV’s Hungry Investors this Sunday. http://youtu.be/EvbExZF9t_c
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    Cooking a frozen steak?

    Picked up some choice rib-eyes that were on sale for under $6 a pound and decided to freeze them. Decided to try the Modernist Cuisine method of cooking a steak while frozen instead of thawing them out. The recipe calls for searing the frozen steaks in a pan or with a blowtorch, then...
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    Bone marrow, yay or nay?

    Fixed up some bone marrow for my blog this week. Fort Worth is having its first Food & Wine festival this weekend and I wanted to post something foodie. I love bone marrow, but a lot of people seem to be turned off by the post. I am thinking it is more that it is something unfamiliar than it...
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    Lemon Butter Sous Vide Salmon

    Well, I did my cooking blog this week on sous vide, thinking I was going to review my new Sansaire. Unfortunately it was defective so I had to use my old homemade setup of an old 1960's circulator with a digital temp controller. Here are some pics: Sansaire next to my old...
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    Sake & Kombu steamed lobsters, finished on the grill

    Was fixing up my Valentine’s Day recipe for the newspaper last Sunday. Last year I did lobster tails, this year it is whole lobster. My wife's birthday was also Sunday, so I was killing to bird with one stone (or lobsters :biggrin: ). When grilling whole lobsters, I find that it is better...
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    How to smoke cheese

    Looks like another polar vortex is coming in a couple of weeks, perfect cold smoking some cheese. I use a tube smoker made by A-MAZE-N products to generate the smoke. It runs around $30 and can turn any grill into both a cold and hot smoker. It burns the same wood pellets that my pellet...
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    Best thing you cooked in 2013?

    I thought it might be fun if everybody post a picture of (or wrote about) the best thing they cooked in 2013? My favorite thing this year was steak, last year I was on a bacon kick, but this year it was steak! And my favorite steak was my Coffee Crusted Cowboy Steak. Here is a couple of...
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    Christmas Rib Roast

    Anybody doing a Rib Roast for Christmas? I lucked into a prime rib roast that a friend ordered by mistake. She thought she was buying the rib roast that was on sale, but asked the butcher for a 4 bone prime rib. She ended up with a 10 pound prime rib roast that came in right at $200. So she...
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    Korean BBQ Short Ribs, to go with my rice cooker...

    Fixed some Korean BBQ Short Ribs last weekend that turned out great! Really hard to mess these up :) Here are some pics: Soak ribs to remove the bone dust/chips from the cross-cut the ribs. Minced kiwifruit will help tenderize the ribs in the marinade. Recipe and...
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    My Korean Talking Rice Cooker

    Fixed some Korean BBQ short ribs this weekend and served it with some rice. Actually my rice cooker is a high-tech Korean model that cooks with induction heat under high pressure, all controlled by a computer that talks… Korean. I thought it would be fun to shoot a quick video of this high-tech...
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    Cooking with beer!

    I beer brined a pork roast that turned out great last weekend. I used a local whiskey barrel aged ale that takes on the flavor and smell of bourbon as the liquid in my brine, which went great with the pork. Here are a few pics: Here is a...
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    Anybody using shio koji as a seasoning or marinade?

    I did and interview with a local chef recently that was using shio koji (fermented rice) as both a seasoning and as a marinade on some of his new dishes. He said it was pretty popular in japan right now. He used it as a marinade on some ribs and also added it to a sauce for his milk udon...
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    Local Freshwater Prawns

    There is a Freshwater Prawn farm around 30 miles up from Fort Worth in Wise County. They have 3 ponds that they harvest in September on three consecutive Saturdays. I picked up a couple of pounds last Saturday and grilled them on sticks. They have a sweet, lobster taste and are a steal at $8...
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    Tailgating food

    The theme today at my newspaper was tailgating. I was tasked with fixing a couple of easy recipes and to check out Chef Tim Love's Tailgating truck. For the recipes I ended up fixing “walking taco”-style Frito pie and fork-free sausage on a stick. I am not sure how popular Fritos are...
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    Chef Tim Love's Tailgating Truck

    I have posted some photos before of Chef Tim Love's truck from the Austin Food & Wine festival, But this time I was able to shoot a couple of videos. Here is video of Tim Love giving me a tour of the truck and cooking up some game hens. He chopped them up with a Shun Cleaver...
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    Short Ribs Cheeseburger topped with a Bacon Weave

    We have been doing a burger bracket in the paper for the last month pitting local burger joints in a final four style bracket. The winner will be announced this Thursday after eating collectively 120 burgers. But one thing I found lacking was a bacon burger with bacon in every bite! So I made...