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    WTT Carter Kata ha (deba)

    Up for trade is a 180mm Carter single bevel. I inherited this knife so I don’t know much about the history other than MC emailed me it was a rare knife for him to make. I do know that it gets insanely sharp. I have no skills sharpening single bevels so I sent it to Dave Martell for a...
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    Carter single bevel—what do I have?

    Happy holidays. I lurk frequently but post rarely. I own this 180 mm single bevel Carter. If anyone has any details please let me know. Would appreciate any guess at value as I am consider trading it for a double bevel equivalent. Cheers. Matt.
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    Wine geek turning knife geek

    My wine cellar is full...even the floor is now covered with cases...two options...get more storage space or find new obsession...my wife doesn't understand (do they ever?). At least the knife world has me cooking all of the time which she appreciates. My first decent J-knife was a Shun...