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    Roll Call for 2016 ECG (May 15)

    I plan to attend and very much looking forward to it. Thanks for organizing. -Doug
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    ECG 2016 - Northern Virginia

    I plan on attending, assuming I can shake the cold I have been fighting for the past month. Very much looking forward to it. -Doug
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    Mostly Sharp and Pointy

    It has been a while since I updated this. The two olive wood handled knives above found a home in Wales with my wife's cousin. Gifts for hosting the family the summer before last. I have since added a few more. The three below are Christmas presents. The steak knife / parer is a gift to my...
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    Tips for make-ahead smoked pulled pork

    I have been cooking pork butts and briskets on my Kamado for many years and regularly cook for a range of events. I always do a full load, which is 5x pork butts at 9-10lb each and 3x briskets at around 13-17lbs each. This quantity of meat can present some cooling and storage challenges. Pork...
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    Starter Bourbons: Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, Lexington, and Four Roses are a great place to start. I also really like Angel's Envy. Try them if you get the chance: Pappy Van Winkle(15 year is the best), George T. Stagg Rye: Bulleit is a good place to start. I also like High West's Double...
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    what are you drinking tonight?

    Talisker Storm
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    Strop -- Leather or Felt?

    I have always used leather mounted on a wood backing board charged with green chrome compound. However, I don't often uses stones and usually belt sharpen to Norax x16 then strop. -Doug
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    Need a Single Malt Recommendation

    Word of caution, collecting and drinking fine whisk(e)y is never-ending journey in pursuit of the perfect dram. It starts with single malts, then a few small batch Bourbons and further to Ryes. The more you sample, the better developed your palette becomes, leading you to wider ranging styles...
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    East Coast Gathering ECG 2014

    I plan to attend and will be bringing two Linzertortes. Thanks for hosting the event again. -Doug
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    On the bench, or what I am up to

    Del, this is amazingly generous of you. Thanks for this. Sorry about the phone pic of the parer. Only half of the second knife is from Del, the other half is from Home Depot. A gyuto or line would be outstanding. -Doug
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    Hello from Germany

    Welcome to the KKF. Many of us envy your living in the Bier und Wurst capital of the world(my own opinion). I used to live in Karlsruhe and have fond memories visiting Baden-Baden and Berchtesgaden. -Doug
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    how heavy is your turkey for this Thanksgiving?

    #1 @ 33.26 lbs, #2 @ 23.36, and #3 @ 34.28 lbs -- All from Bolton's Turkey Farm in Sliverdale, PA. #1 and #2 are for lunch tomorrow at a school and go into the oven tomorrow at 3:30AM and 5AM respectively for lunch served at 11:30AM. I start making the stuffing at 1:30AM. #3 is for the family...
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    Weight loss support group?

    Stefan, You might want to look into TLS. I am not a shill, just a happy successful customer. I lost 39 pounds in 12 weeks this past Spring under the supervision/coaching of a PhD Chemist/Nutritionist and have kept it off since May. My wife lost 35 pounds. It is a low-glycemic plan with...
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    Shipping or Traveling to UK (Wales) with Kitchen Knives

    My wife is traveling to Wales next week and I was hoping to send a knife with her as a gift for our host. Some quick searches indicated that bringing a knife even in checked baggage would not be advised. Looks like shipping is my fallback position. I suspect that someone here has some...
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    Mostly Sharp and Pointy

    Well, I am finally getting a couple pics of my latest additions (CTS-XHP) from Butch. The olivewood handled items were intercepted on the way to the ECG last month :biggrin:
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    Official East Coast Gathering thread

    mano, Thanks so much for hosting. It was great to see everyone and their steel. -Doug
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    Official East Coast Gathering thread

    I would like to attend again. I was thinking of making Linzertorte. -Doug
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    sushi rice - 'lil help

    Never having cooked sushi rice, I am hesitant to chime in. However, the chemist in me begs the question: what is the altitude where you cook? Most of Colorado is over 5000 ft (where water boils at about 203F) and much of the state is significantly higher than that. It could be making a...
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    For the gun folks....

    Dave, Did you ever pickup a handgun? I used to shoot IDPA and my carry guns are SIG P239 in 9mm and a Ruger GP100 .357. As far as ammo, Federal Hydra-shok for the SIG and my the last of my Winchester BlackTalon in the Ruger. Let me know if you want to go out shooting sometime. -Doug
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    Mostly Sharp and Pointy

    Thanks everyone. Butch makes an awesome blade. In a moment of weakness, Butch sold me his personal chopper in 3V. It is almost 0.250" at the spine, and after we spent a half hour chopping kindling for a fire, we used it to slice roast beef. It worked great. It can also cut a 2x4 in half in...