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  1. gregfisk

    Cutting 15n20

    Hello All, I'm still learning so here is another new thread asking for information that will hopefully help others out at well. I have only made a few knives so far and all of them have been with 1/16" thick 1095. Recently after reading around the web I decided to try 15n20. I excitedly...
  2. gregfisk

    Cutting Tang Slots in Japanese Handle Collars?

    How are you guys cutting the slot in your collar? I’ve seen a couple of videos of guys using a drill press. Drilling a line of holes and then filing them into a slot. I tried this once but it was a lot of work and the results were less than great. Have any of you used a router with a cnc bit...
  3. gregfisk

    Securing Japanese Style Handles

    I’m new here and fairly new to knife making. I’m currently making Santoku knives with epoxy resin handles that I pour and grind myself. My issue is securing the handle to the blade. Since I mount my end caps on ahead of time I only have a 1/16” by 1/2” slot to get my two part epoxy glue into...
  4. gregfisk

    I’m a new member from Seattle, just wanted to say hi.

    I’ve been making knives for several months now. I’m self taught and have been making Santoku chefs knives out of 1/16” thick 1095. After reading here and elsewhere I’ve just purchased some 15n20 to try. My knives are made using 1/16” thick material ground very thin with a minimal second bevel...