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  1. J

    SOLD Kiyoshi Kato 210 WH

    GLWS - I have one just like it and it's a great knife. I don't use it as much as I should because I have several other so I just put it into rotation (and because I want to save it for my granddaughter). This is a great knife at a killer discounted price, I suspect that it will be sold soon!
  2. J

    Konosuke Kaiju

    T-F has really raised his prices a lot since I purchased my Gyuto just about doubled in cost in I think 5 years. He is offering the Ebony handle again so I was able to make a direct comparison.
  3. J

    Konosuke Kaiju

    I am helping one of the gym instructors buy a first quality knife as she settles into family life and she likes to cook a lot. I offered to loan her a T-F and a Watanabe Stainless clad Gyuto to help her and her husband decide what to buy. I sent her the carrot video and it was readily apparent...
  4. J

    Konosuke Kaiju

    I'am just a home cook and not at all an expert on knives and sharpening, etc but I second your opinion given my two T-F's and three Konosuke Fujiyama's. I'm sure that a lot of folks can judge by eye or feel how to select a good or great knife but, I just order and get what they send me and for...
  5. J

    Teak cutting board discussion (again)

    While I don't have a teak cutting board, I do make furniture of of teak lumber. Hand planing for a smooth finish goes really smooth until after several strokes and then you can actually hear the difference change from a nice quite sound to the sound of running your hand plane over 180 grit...
  6. J

    getting creative with Renaissance wax?

    Yes use alcohol to clean off the oil before applying wax. Using just a towel will still leave an oil film so get rid of the oil with alcohol or other solvent.
  7. J

    getting creative with Renaissance wax?

    I have used Renaissance wax for my woodworking for years and for the past few years I've used it on some iron clad knives to slow down patina. No I wouldn't use oil first I don't think it's compatible with wax. When I build furniture if I use an oil finish on wood I let it cure at least 48...
  8. J

    What first and durable japanese knife should I get

    Yes I think the Konosuke GS is too thin. I have a Konosuke; GS, HD2, Fujiyama knives and while it holds a nice edge the GS is really light and thin. All of the other Konosuke knives are excellent.
  9. J

    Gyotu or Sujihiki?

    I would go with a 270mm Gyuto. I have several 240mm Gyuto's and a Kagekiyo 270mm Sujihiki. I would use the sujihiki when the brisket comes off the smoker but for cutting cold meat it's a Gyuto every time.
  10. J

    Konosuke Kaiju

    Konosuke Fujiyama FM
  11. J

    Konosuke Kaiju

    To the best of my knowledge they only have one person doing the final hand sharpening of the Kaiju blade and he spends up to 8 hours on each blade. This is on top of other sharpening duties he has for their other lines of knives. Konosuke is not a large factory operation and the demand is...
  12. J

    Konosuke Kaiju

    The Kaiju keeps getting delayed and I suspect that Konosuke is overloaded with other work and I think that the Kaiju is just too time consuming to produce. Last I heard they might ship early Feb.
  13. J

    What 3-4 knives do you use the most?

    Konosuke Fujiyama B#2 210 Gyuto Konosuke Fujiyama B#2 FT 240 Gyuto T-F Nashiji 150 Petty Kato WH 210 Gyuto Like others have mentioned this group varies a lot but the first two are pretty constant.
  14. J

    Suji or Not to Suji?

    I bought a 270mm Kagekiyo that's great for roasted meats but, for cold leftovers like slicing ham for sandwiches I use my Konosuke Fujiyama 240mm Gyuto the slices just come out more uniform with a wider blade.
  15. J

    Kato available

    I noticed that a Kato is sitting on the JNS web site for the last few hours - nobody interested? https://www.japanesenaturalstones.com/yoshiaki-fujiwara-195mm-slicer/
  16. J

    Denka from epicedge really any better?

    The Konosuke Kaiju production (hand sharpening) has been delayed. They thought that they were going to ship at the end of November but now the ship date is unknown.
  17. J

    Denka from epicedge really any better?

    Watanabe and Toyama Stainless Clad are the same knife as far as i can tell. I have the Wat 210 and the Toyama 240 and except for length they look identical.
  18. J

    Denka from epicedge really any better?

    I have purchased twice directly from T-F and twice from EE (with the 10% KKF discount) and have been satisfied with all of the purchases. My EE purchase was a Watanabe blade though.
  19. J

    Whats your favorite 210?

    If your going to look at the Kono line see their web site for there various offerings; http://www.konosuke-sakai.com
  20. J

    Whats your favorite 210?

    I got my wife the Kono GS 150 Petty and that's her daily go to knife.