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    Greetings from the Pacific Northwest

    Welcome from a life long West sider of the Cascades.
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    CCK Kau Kong?

    I have a CCK Kau Kong but found it has limits as a bone chopper. Works great on poultry and small pork ribs. For some reason I can't remember now I needed to chop up some beef ribs. I ended up dinging the blade pretty bad. Guess I needed one of those really heavy cleavers you see in Asian meat...
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    Wok Recommendations

    I've never been to the actual Wok Shop but I've bought plenty of woks and other cooking items off of them. The owner and I have had long e-mail chats after Grace Young introduced me. I have nothing but good to say about the company.
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    What's your all time favourite nakiri?

    I like nakiri for small cutting tasks like making curry paste from scratch. I've used most of the big names, Shig, Toyama, Takeda, Carter (In Japan) Wat, etc. etc. The Wat 180 was my favorite but recently I started using a Nojiyama Marunaka 180 from knifejapan. Like it a lot, just feels right...
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    Old Sabatier thoughts?

    "Useful life" As in its seen a lot of hard use and been to the sharpening stone many many times. Nothing wrong with that. It can be restored to a functional state but it won't be the tool it started life as.
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    Wok Recommendations

    Try Hitachiyausa. They have 1.6 and 1.2 versions.
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    Wok Recommendations

    If I'm cooking outside on a propane wok burner, I really like my 16" cast iron Chinese model. These are nothing like the things Lodge sells as cast iron woks. As mentioned before, they are thin and kind of fragile. Inside on our electric stove (you use what you have) I use a Japanese Yamada...
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    Every style of knife I should try.

    I'm not a minimalist in my cutlery choice for sure. I like a medium size Chinese cleaver for large vegetable jobs and a nakiri for the fine work. I especially like nakiri for making curry paste and similar tasks.
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    Been a while since we had a Cleaver chat.

    Pretty high end cleaver but then I'm not that unhappy with CCK and similar brands.
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    Inexpensive knife for specific meat cutting - sausage making

    Anything Victorniox. They are still the first choice of pro butchers.
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    Meat cleavers in the home kitchen

    And when i say "tree stump" I mean tree stump. :) It wasn't just a extra thick cutting block. Probably a meter high with the root swell at the base still there. Her cleaver was one of those really thick (maybe 1/2") bone choppers you only see in the meat stalls over there. For the most part...
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    Meat cleavers in the home kitchen

    A few years ago i was in a wet market in Chengdu. A young very middle class looking Chinese couple were buying an ox tail from an elderly lady running a meat stall. She had basically a big tree stump for a cutting board and she was chopping the ox tail up with a heavy cleaver. Blood and gore...
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    Cambodian Peppercorns. Kampot?

    Been that way for a while I think. Pretty hard to go anywhere outside the US for most of the year. And you are not really welcome in a lot of states!
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    A question on sharpening and wear: How long do kitchen knives last?

    I replaced my favorite F. Dick 6-inch straight flex boning knife this fall after 30+ years of use. The blade was wore down to about half its original width but I liked it that way for its intended use. I don't know how many deer, elk, cattle and fish I used the knife on but the handle was...
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    EDC advice???

    My EDC for about the last two years has been a Spyderco Caribbean. Not totally in love with their super stainless alloy on this one but its OK. The handle fits my had just right. The blade size and shape works perfectly for most of the things I use a folder for on a daily basis on our homestead...
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    Have you seen this kind of knife?

    Look a little like American style cabbage harvesting knives too.
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    Been a while since we had a Cleaver chat.

    Anybody know what the term "mulberry chopper" means? Far as I know the Chinese don't eat a lot of mulberry leaves. They do raise silk worms that eat mulberry. Is this something about feeding their caterpillars.
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    What do you have on your wrist?

    I may have replied to this thread before but my favorite is a Nite with a tritium dial. Brightest one on market.
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    Happy Veterans Day

    Rangers Viet Nam, 68, 69. 505th Parachute Infantry 82Abn until 71.
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    Been a while since we had a Cleaver chat.

    If you go to Leung Tim's shop in Hong Kong they have an even wider variety of sizes and weights of cleavers than CCK. The problem is I don't know anyone in the US that really stocks a full line of this brand.