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  1. MowgFace

    One stone?

    Gesshin 2K. I absolutely love that stone.
  2. MowgFace

    Jinko synthetic aoto?

    That synthetic Blue aoto has been around quite a long time. Used to get pretty positive reviews overall, but has since been replaced with better options. JKI Jinzo Aoto, JNS Synthetic Red Aoto, JNS Synthetic Blue Aoto, etc. I havnt used the stone in almost 10 years, but i remember liking the...
  3. MowgFace

    Kagekiyo, is it worth the money?

    Morihiro is the GM of Baba Hamono now isnt he?
  4. MowgFace

    These legit tojiro shears?

    Mac Shears are the one. Mac Kitchen / Poultry Shears 8.5"
  5. MowgFace

    Most common maker in your kit?

    S. Tanaka X 4 Gengetsu X 2 Takada No Hamono X 2 Itinomonn X 2 Ashi Hamono X 2 Tsukiji Masamoto X 2 Wakui X 2
  6. MowgFace

    Confused by my sharpening stones (?!)

    IME Naniwa Aotoshi is HORRIBLE for Kasumi finishes. I dont really like that stone at all, other than for use with softer stainless. You should have the stones you need to produce a Kasumi finish. There are stones that may make it easier, but you should be able to get there. Id just go King...
  7. MowgFace

    Massdrop for KKF?

    SUPER interested. 240 for me, based out of North America.
  8. MowgFace

    Takada Suiboku

    50mm on both Carbon and Ginsanko.
  9. MowgFace

    Takada Suiboku

    So far, it seems identical to the W#2. Profile is basically identical, though the W#2 is a couple mm longer on my samples. Great cutter, and a really thin tip. I can grab some pictures in a few.
  10. MowgFace

    Takada Suiboku

    I have both, but have not tried to clean off the patina on the carbon version.
  11. MowgFace

    Lookin’ for a stainless “workhorse”

    Since when is it not a laser? ...Almost Identical do the other original sakai lasers.
  12. MowgFace

    Sakai ginsanko wide bevels

    Not wide bevel, but MTC has Takada No Hamono Suiboku in Ginsanko. Just ordered mine. Should be here by the 30th! https://mtckitchen.com/takada-ginsan-suiboku-gyuto-240mm-9-4-with-rosewood-handle/
  13. MowgFace

    Poll: Are high end knives = high end cookware?

    I think I’m in group 2 as well most expensive knives are around 600. Cookware, I have mostly All Clad MC/MC2. I have a LC Dutchy that was a gift from my girlfriend. My Carbon steel and Cast iron pans still get tons of love I think the kicker is I continue to buy knives but consider my cookware...
  14. MowgFace

    As cheap as can be please

    More expensive here but available sooner https://www.ebay.com/itm/283971149449
  15. MowgFace

    As cheap as can be please

    https://www.amazon.com/KANETSUGU-Japanese-Kitchen-SUS410-Stainless/dp/B08F75SWMK/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=seki+gyuto&qid=1603045511&sr=8-3 I have the 150 petty in my travel don’t give a sh!t kit.
  16. MowgFace

    Munetoshi Vs Kaeru Honyaki

    I ended up picking up a Munetoshi Honyaki 210 a couple months back, and the thing is THIN! Closer to the Kaeru geometry above.
  17. MowgFace

    More on Bon Appétit

    Solah jumped on the Babish Train.
  18. MowgFace

    Changing beliefs about knives

    +2. I LOVE my Shi.Han
  19. MowgFace

    Avatar and Identity

    Mowgli has been my nickname since college. His eyes reflect the state of mine on occasion.
  20. MowgFace

    Upping the rib game. Help needed

    Maybe spice rub, foil wrap, pour in liquid, braise in oven, finish on grill.