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    Scooping/Scraping with your Knife

    I scoop with the edge, scrape with the spine.
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    Change from 70/30 to 50/50 edge

    What other’s said - if the knife is 30/70 making it 50/50 will result in steering. Same goes if you try converting 50/50 into 30/70 or what not.
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    Maybe you need two of these?

    What if the “artist” does not heat treat the knife, I mean art, and does not set and sharpen an edge. This will make the piece an unusable knife. Will it be art then?
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    Kippington Deburring Video

    I tried Kipp’s technique multiple times but I always get duller edge then before. Abrading and reducing the burr and few final edge trailing strokes works better for me. I will still keep trying to “master” Kipp’s technique. The more one know, the merrier.
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    Looking for a knife with excellent food release

    Achievement: Cutting apple with deba completed. Apple - Granny Smith 75x66mm Knife - 180mm Tanaka Deba The initial cut (split in two) was like driving a wedge. The apple cracked and split. Uneven cut surface can be seen on one side of the apple quarters. Subsequent cuts of the halves were...
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    Looking for a knife with excellent food release

    I will try cutting and apple with deba tonight. I will let you know how did it go.
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    Change is good, right?

    Made me want to sharpen my knives, hence I learned how.
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    Nanohone NL-5

    Interesting pattern.
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    One stone?

    By this point, just ditch the stone. :D
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    What not to sous vide?

    Thank you very much for the extensive info. P.S. Lets go back on topic now.
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    What not to sous vide?

    What temperature is that? What do you do with the yolks after; just eat em?
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    One stone?

    Chosera (Pro) 800 as one stone to rule em all. However. if we are talking about all type of steels, a bonded diamond stone should be it.
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    What not to sous vide?

    What is wrong with whites? Also the best pork tenderloin I had, was sous vide cooked.
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    One stone?

    Just ship them to me. I will dispose of them for free!
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    Question About Finish

    I think you went too far there :/
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    Another z wear laminate test

    Any update? Did it held up together?
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    Why aren't Japanese knives popular within female buyers as end-customer?

    In my experience both sexes can care less about knives in general.
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    SOLD Nakiri CPM-3V

    @Andrei - do you make gyutos using this grind?
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    HT in house or outsourced - preference?

    Spell with me! T R O L L