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  1. Kai Wang

    WTS Brand New Masamoto Sohonten Mioroshi Deba

    Masamoto Sohonten Hongasumi, Mioroshi Deba 210 mm Price: $315 + shipping Shipping from New York.
  2. Kai Wang

    WTS Time to let go. Need to pay rent. Sukenari Honyaki $650

    Need $$ to pay rent. Have to sale this Sukenari Honyaki. 300mm yanagi, White Steel #1, mirror finished.
  3. Kai Wang

    Cutting board...Bamboo vs Oak

    Definitely Oak
  4. Kai Wang

    Hello from Scottsdale

    Nice blade. Easy to sharpen. I have a 270mm gyuto. Just for the scallion.
  5. Kai Wang


    Stainless is easier to take care. No like carbon steel, needs to worry about rusty. However, carbon is easier to get sharpening
  6. Kai Wang


  7. Kai Wang

    The most expensive$$$ knife that you are holding now!!

    What a wonderful knife!!!
  8. Kai Wang

    WTS Nenox, Genkai Masakuni and other two new knives for sell.

    1. 240mm Nenox Deba, High Carbon Rust-Resistant Steel Honyaki, Mirror Polished by Hand, with Saya. $850 2. 330mm Genkai Masakuni, White 2 Mizu Honyaki Yanagiba. $1850 3. 360mm Shiroyama High Carbon Rust-Resistant Steel Yanagiba. $600 4. 210mm Shiroyama Ginsan Usuba. $220 Plus Shipping, USA...
  9. Kai Wang

    Hello from Norway

    Welcome Martin. It is time for Japanese knives.
  10. Kai Wang

    Hair splitting sharpness.

    Hi Cote, I used Atagoyama Iromon stone, combination Mikawa Tenjyou Nagura to finish the knife. And not, I haven’t been in Bay Area yet. I just started to collect natural stones. They are very powerful. Very sharp
  11. Kai Wang

    The most expensive$$$ knife that you are holding now!!

    330mm white 2 mizu honyaki by Genkai Masakuni $1700 usd
  12. Kai Wang

    Show your newest knife buy

    How are you going to fix the yanagi?
  13. Kai Wang

    Hair splitting sharpness.

    Check this out. Power of natural stone https://www.instagram.com/p/BtO9L3yH7_Q/?igshid=1n8fgosm19hze
  14. Kai Wang

    SOLD Jikko Akebono 240 gyuto

    What steel is it?
  15. Kai Wang

    SOLD Tsukasa Hinoura River Jump 270mm

    What steel is it?
  16. Kai Wang

    Show your newest knife buy

    Nenox 240mm deba. Solid steel Honyaki.