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    Black Friday Cyber Monday

    By coincidence, I once stumbled upon the production of an episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and I saw Guy screaming at someone on the phone like an unhinged lunatic. Maybe someone hurt his dog and it was warranted, but I kind of doubt it.
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    Knife stuck in customs

    I had a situation once where my stuff got stuck in German customs coming from Japan (for jeans though), and I had to prove all sorts of stuff. I had to show PayPal/credit card statements--realistically, I just made a bunch of stuff up and they eventually released it. I imagine the process in NL...
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    Knife findings

    they definitely jacked up prices on some of the knives i'd been looking at to compensate for the sale. can't knock the hustle and it's still a few bucks off the original prices though.
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    checking in

    thanks pals!
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    checking in

    just here to look around, started buying non-big brand japanese knives roughly 10 years ago and am recently getting more into the high end of things :) mostly here for the b/s/t!