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  1. eshua


    One of our regual customers has offer to bring back gifts for out sushi bar from Shigeharu in Kyoto. They don't have a website, so I was wondering if anyone has been or has more information about this shop.
  2. eshua

    Tall guys an push cutting

    Well over 6 feet tall, I've long lamented the height of the average prep table. I've found that as much as I believe in the push cut, I am much more likely to pull cut. Is this a habit I developed because my large frame combined with my low tipped Carter, Fowler, and yanagi? Any other...
  3. eshua

    WTB Sugimoto #6

    Co-worker is interested in getting his first cleaver. Wanted to see if anyone has an unused one before I send him to Rakuten.
  4. eshua

    Carter on Reddit.

    http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/1xuh02/im_a_bladesmith_heres_a_knife_i_just_completed/ Murray Carter is on the front page of reddit. Probably nothing new for regular knife nuts, but the rest of the makers/vendors should consider the marketing potential. Almost 7k votes on the post...
  5. eshua

    Doctors in the UK tried to ban knives.

    Found on reddit: 2005 Article about physicians feeling that kitchen knives should required not to be as "pointy". I guess the good guys won that fight? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/4581871.stm
  6. eshua

    LA Trip --- Where to eat // beach?

    Coming up in a bit I'm in LA for a long weekend. Going down to Anaheim eventually but flying into LAX and have a night or two to burn eating and sitting on the beach. Any of you guys got good spots you can vet for me to take the lady? Price isn't a deal breaker but I just spent 20 min...
  7. eshua

    10k stone

    Sharpened my fathers knives a few weeks ago, and was sent this link. Anyone need a good 10k stone? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Japanese-natural-whetstone-Nakayama-GOLD-kiita-AKA-Nashiji-so-big-4569-/200834099523
  8. eshua

    Carter 50/50 deba

    Up for sale is my symmetrical Carter Deba. People here have pretty good taste, so its no surprise that they have fond memories of the knives up for sale. But for me this thing has been a big disappointment, I think I just don't know what the point of this style is. Its been sitting in my...
  9. eshua

    LF cooks in Madison Wi

    Posting for jobs in a smaller town like Madison Wisconsin is sure to be a long shot. Losing the Internets blanket of anonymity is also a bit off putting, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling! We're hiring 1 line cook for hot side, and 1 sushi roller for the bar here at Sushi Muramoto --...
  10. eshua

    Suisin western hybrid handles

    Just wondering if anyone knows if Suisin still offers its western handle upgrade, and what the price hike is like.
  11. eshua

    Another Kanji Help thread

    Just looking over some knives of old coworkers. If anyone can translate, let me know what I'm looking at. I think its just the makers name... so if anyone happens to know more about them please chime in.
  12. eshua

    That's Heavy.

    I was talking with the owner of our restaurants today, and his response to showing off the Mizuno pass around was .. "I don't think it can be that expensive a knife ... In my experience all really good knives are heavier." At first I laughed, then I wondered about what would make this a...
  13. eshua

    Leather Sheaths

    I've seen a couple pretty cool leather sheaths pictured on the forums from time to time. My question is: Does anyone have a semi regular vendor or hobbyist in mind that turns them out. They might be less practical than a simple wooden saya, but they look so badass. Sorry if this...
  14. eshua


    Some of you may remember these from other threads. TY to BST. Here We go 240's Adam redid this Hiromoto The grind on this one makes it ok at everything and exceptional at not much, but if I wasn't going to spend the money to trust an exceptional maker...blue super seems way more...
  15. eshua

    Pretty in Pork

    Maybe this isn't new for anyone...and maybe some of you chefs can do more with a pig... but I thought this was a fairly terrifically produced little video about the lesser used pork. http://vimeo.com/39451071