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    Show your newest knife buy

    It's made of HAP40. A bit overkill for a bread knife but I wasn't free to choose. I was a bit afraid of chipping but when you see the tips of the serrations they are not as thin as a normal sujihiki edge. The sharpener took it back a bit.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Extended my collection a little. This time with a 240 bread knife. Is actually a sujihiki made by Tsukahara san from Seki and the serrations are made here by a local sharpener.
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    Sad Day: Knife Murder

    @captaincaed What is it that you don't like about K-tips then?
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    question about vegetable cutting technique

    "The guy on this video says you're wrong - what do you think?" x10. The lads don't like this. You remind them of another poster that does this ad nauseum. And rather than simply leave things alone they are seeing who can be the wittiest. And that is where you're at. Am I the only one...
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    question about vegetable cutting technique

    Any knife skill takes practice. Al lot of practice. Just keep at it trying to improve over time and your brain will make the connections.
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    question about vegetable cutting technique

    I used rocking/walking all the time when my main knife was a Global. The thin Japanese knife don’t like it. So now I use push cuts most of the time. Because you keep the tip on the board walking makes it easier to keep consistent cuts but I personally find that push cutting can be faster and it...
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    Hasegawa cutting board

    PM send
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    VG10 bread knife. A good idea?

    Ok, then I won't worry about VG10. Thx for the input.
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    VG10 bread knife. A good idea?

    Me too but only for softer bread.
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    VG10 bread knife. A good idea?

    I am looking into buying a bread knife to replace my 50 year old plastic handle one and I have found some that are using VG10 or even HAP40. For example a Takayuki serrated sujihiki 240 or Ryusen Tanganryu 210. Given the reputation of VG10 being chippy is it a good idea to make a bread knife of...
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    What am I seeing here...

    I would say 'Kids don't try this at home'.
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    Jinbei traditional Japanese summer wear

    It is soft but not like fluffy soft. It is the loose fit that make is comfortable. It's another feeling to wear it compared to shorts and T-shirt.
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    Jinbei traditional Japanese summer wear

    Was in Berlin the other week and walked into a Muji store. They sell all kind of products made in Japan. No knifes, sorry. Bought a Jinbei. According to wiki 'a kind of traditional Japanese clothing worn by men, women, boys, girls, and even babies during the summer '. I have to say very...
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    Handmade Magnetic Knife Holder

    Thanks that really helps!
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    Handmade Magnetic Knife Holder

    Hi @Jtchiang9, I am planning to take on the same project. You wrote that you doubled up the 14 magnets. Do you mean that the have them stacked in two layers of seven? Do you happen to know how strong each magnet was? Did you find that a single row causes the knifes to pivot? I recently...
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    Takamura or Makoto Kurosaki

    My vote is for Kurosaki. For me. Takamura = cutting Kurosaki = cutting & emotion
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    AEB-L gyuto

    Sweet, nice fit & finish👍
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    Recommend me an immersion blender

    My Braun is also 15 years old and still going.
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    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    Winding down after a week of work with some smoked trout, homemade potato salad, Rheinlander bread and a cold white wine.