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  1. McMan

    Western Knife Re-handle suggestions

    Since it's partial tang, it'd be a good candidate for a stacked handle (the three-piece kind with two slabs and a middle section). @HSC /// Knives does nice work with this style of handle, though I have no idea if he does re-handling work. Or could be a cool candidate for conversion to a wa...
  2. McMan

    Change from 70/30 to 50/50 edge

    Then buy a bunch of these $3 knives. Happy trails!
  3. McMan

    Change from 70/30 to 50/50 edge

    Required Reading: https://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/threads/a-basic-explanation-of-asymmetry.33951/#post-522727
  4. McMan

    WTS Kochi with machi

    Surprised to see this still here... These usually sell out immediately when they're back in stock.
  5. McMan

    Recommend me a grind - fair question?

    Let me flip the question a little bit... Is there an attribute or a combination of attributes you're after? Things you are expecting the knife to do more of better? I'm asking because it's kind of a tough question to answer when it comes to "cutting sensation"--because different people...
  6. McMan

    Unpopular opinions

    How do you know whether this is the case? Or even how different people, with different use habits, goals, skill levels, etc. define "usable benefit"?
  7. McMan

    thoughts on Ashi Ginga monosteel Shirogami?

    Search button's your friend on this one... There's a wealth of information on ginga in the forums. They are very good knives. Classic lasers. I can't speak to the ones on the site you mention, as the ones I have come from JKI (which has adjusted (improved?) some things). Note that lasers...
  8. McMan

    American football

    Speaking of (not) coming back for another year... https://www.nfl.com/news/saints-qb-drew-brees-likely-to-retire-after-postseason-run
  9. McMan

    Looking for a knife with excellent food release

    TF=Teruyasu Fujiwara. Available direct here: https://www.teruyasu.net/ I like his nashiji paring knives. They're ~$85, but I have no idea how much s/h is now or how long it takes.
  10. McMan

    Dave Martell - Hard Felt Deburring Block and Stropping Pad

    My experience too. I think the idea of deburring by pulling through anything makes some folks (especially razor folks) cringe, but I am far from that level of purism...
  11. McMan

    Cutting board recommendation

    Yup--though it may take a lifetime of butchery :) Realistically, it'd take a lot of consistent use in one area. You'll see knife cuts on any cutting board, whether it's wood or Asahi. The benefit of endgrain is that, to some extent, it's "self healing" like a dartboard. It's not magical, and...
  12. McMan

    Looking for a knife with excellent food release

    One thing to keep in mind is that food release isn't solely a result of the grind. It's also impacted by height of the blade. A shorter blade has less surface area, thus less area for food to stick to. A subtler grind can work well on a short knife where the same subtle grind might be a...
  13. McMan

    Old Sabatier thoughts?

    The bolster on this is a little different from regular sabs because there is no ferrule. These were made for export to Canada (or so the story goes). Here's an example: https://www.sabatier-shop.com/canadian-12-in-cooking-knife-stainless-steel-wood-handle-icac30.html Looks like it's lived a...
  14. McMan

    Does anyone know about this knife set?

    Here's some info about Forgecraft/Old Hickory/etc because your knives look similar. https://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/threads/forgecraft-vs-the-older-old-hickory.12239/ Note, though, that the stamping on older (60s-70s) forgecraft/old hickory is tidier. Example below. I would wonder whether...
  15. McMan

    Soy pans

    Ha! Now you have to change your used name to RickDawgDinner :cool:
  16. McMan

    Single Bevel Gyutos: legit tools or tourist trinkets?

    185mm, 2.5mm spine thickness at the handle, sold as a "Funayuki" 210mm, 5mm spine thickness above heel, sold as a "gyuto" My point was about marketing...
  17. McMan

    Single Bevel Gyutos: legit tools or tourist trinkets?

    Yeah, this is what I was going to say. I think a lot may just be marketing (to a Western audience)--renaming a funayuki to "single bevel gyuto" keeps more specific japanese knife names out of the equation and, at the same time, puts a focus on the grind that consumers might find attractive.
  18. McMan

    mazaki knives

    I was thinking the same thing. Some thoughts... Have you checked at just the edge? The edge can be straight but if there is slightly more meat above the edge and/or at the spine on one side of the tip, it'll make it look bent at the tip and will make the tip rise higher one one side than the...
  19. McMan

    What is the best white #2 gyuto you have ever used?

    Google is your friend
  20. McMan

    I have been looking for my first TFTFTF and am seeking input.

    If price between TF direct and EE is essentially a wash, then why not go with EE? This way, if there was an issue with the knife, you could return it without having to deal with the hassle and cost of return shipping to Japan. Plus, the pics you posted seem to show a decent knife, with a thin...