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  1. juice

    Vine Wood WIP

    Ah, the flash end of town, eh! People down here are likely to think someone from Tennersee or Georgah could be from either... Maybe even Bawstahn. He's a communist now, he's not about efficiency or rule-following.
  2. juice

    Vine Wood WIP

    Did you become a communist? (We moved on the weekend to central Victoria, and I do like this living in the outback thing 🙃
  3. juice

    Vine Wood WIP

    Sure, but so is Cotedupy now he lives here 🙃
  4. juice

    Vine Wood WIP

    No no no no no. "Unique" is binary - things are either unique or they're not. If they're not, I guess they're some sort of rare, although probably not medium-rare 🙃
  5. juice

    2021 Bucket List

    No, that's a straight no...
  6. juice

    Looking for a knife with excellent food release

    Absolutely this.
  7. juice

    Does anyone know about this knife set?

    He's clearly still pissed off because he wasn't allowed to skip the line for the Dalman honyakis...
  8. juice

    The Off Topic Thread

  9. juice

    The Off Topic Thread

    I know it's not a big country, but it's still quite wide at its narrowest point...
  10. juice

    Simple Salt Cellar for Woodworkers

    AU$43 down here for that
  11. juice

    Hi from quarantine in Sydney

    20 minutes or so south of Ballarat - half a hectare fenced into three paddocks, with a little 3x2 house at the front. No shed, but that's OK really, as I can design and build the one I want (i.e. a big one with a main workshop (yes, knifemaking is on the menu at some point), a gym, a music room...
  12. juice

    Hi from quarantine in Sydney

    A combination of hippies and hipsters. We're living in Collingwood - a few suburbs closer to the city than Thornbury - but we're moving out to the country next week. Vastly cheaper housing if you aren't required to live in the city.
  13. juice

    Did i buy a dud? Need help with recent knife purchase

    What did K&S say about it?
  14. juice

    Every style of knife I should try.

    On report, @nakiriknaifuwaifu
  15. juice

    Dumb work injuries

    Given it happened in August, it's probably OK by now 🙃
  16. juice

    SOLD TF Nashiji and Heiji Gyuto

    So it's a TF without the project knife experience? Is it really a TF, then?
  17. juice

    OXYS Knives - Our Work

    February, maybe? OTOH, if you're moving, you may be able to get a permit (but would probably involve some self-isolation depending on exactly where you're moving from and where you've been).
  18. juice

    2021 Bucket List

  19. juice

    2020 bucket list

    Yes, but also no 🙃