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    The big thread on insults and offense

    especially the ones not positioned properly. Essentially high beams right into my rear view mirror, or into my eyes from the other side of the road
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    The big thread on insults and offense

    Glögg for all
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    SOLD Yoshikane Nashiji SKD 240

    the 'flair' is very very normal, nobody should worry about it
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    Delaminated Damascus Deba: How concerned should I be?

    I commented on your reddit thread, but I would also tell them you are going to chargeback your credit card. Every single reputable retailer should take this item back regardless of a use or two and should be embarrassed that they let this through, probably don't even QC their products. This...
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    SOLD Origin Hand Crafted and Nordquist Designs

    do you have any choil shots?
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    Ashi Ginga W#2, Hiroshi Ashi W#2, and any other comp. W#1 or W#2?

    I'm aware, but OP keeps mentioning it like its a different knife
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    Ashi Ginga W#2, Hiroshi Ashi W#2, and any other comp. W#1 or W#2?

    what is a hiroshi ashi? Is it not the same as the standard ginga? Do you have measurements/pics?
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    WTB Masamoto KS Petty

    get a ginga
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    Recommend me a grind - fair question?

    I would really avoid takeda, their heat treat and grinds have been terrible recently. The mazaki/munetoshi would be a good mixup.
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    Change from 70/30 to 50/50 edge

    if the asymmetry is just at the edge, yes you can totally regrind to 50/50 and never think about it again
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    Dave Martell - Hard Felt Deburring Block and Stropping Pad

    I've had it a couple years now, sharpening 3-4 knives ~1-2 times a month. still has at least 75% of its life left. 1-2 a day though could be rough. It only really takes 2 or so pulls to clean up nicely, should last at least a year if not 2+. I don't rely on the felt deburr block to deburr...
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    What's your all time favourite nakiri?

    shig, toyama, wat pro. Wakui for value tho
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    Dave Martell - Hard Felt Deburring Block and Stropping Pad

    I use both as well as the 3um diamond spray. What questions do you have? They are very good at what they do, felt is also very forgiving as a stropping base
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    Looking for a knife with excellent food release

    I'll just uhh, leave this here courtesy of barclid. Its a xerxes laser btw. Don't always need a thiccie
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    WTS Yoshikane Hamono white #2 240mm gyuto

    Oh god it’s gross. Post it on chefknifeswap on Reddit. They love ryky
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    Did i buy a dud? Need help with recent knife purchase

    they use a stamp for the profile, so should should be fairly similar unless the tip was chipping during grinding
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    What is the best white #2 gyuto you have ever used?

    does it cut rope 300 times?
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    What 3-4 knives do you use the most?

    toyama 240mm gyuto Wat 180mm nakiri some cheap 180mm deba tojiro bread knife