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    Anyone know original angles on Konosuke?

    Help. I've been bad. 3.5 years ago I bought a Konosuke 240mm Hitachi White #2 steel Wa-Gyuto, and a matching 120mm Petty. They've had light use in a home but I have never sharpened them on a stone. I have only touched them up on a round ceramic rod. I want to restore the edges to the...
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    Sharpening angles for German vs. Japanese knives

    I have a Konosuke 240mm Hitachi White #2 steel, Wa-Gyuto and a matching 120mm Petty. I also have a set of Henckels Four Star knives which are for the rest of the family to use. I'm thinking the Germans get a 20 degree angle and the Konosuke's a 12 degree. If not what should I shoot for?
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    The iKnife

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    deBuyer frying pans

    I want, for home kitchen use. I realize this is a knife forum, and you guys directed me to JKI where I got my two beautiful Konosuke White #2s, which I love. I have heard posters here talking about deBuyer pans so . . . I'll start with a 20mm (8") for cooking eggs for one and add larger sizes...
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    Everything has turned to warm butter

    Last week I bought a new Konosuke 240mm White #2 Gyuto and 120mm Petty From JKI. http://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/showthread.php?2357-Review-of-JKI-Japanese-Knife-Imports Holeeee Crapoleeee! I had no idea what good knives could do. I've nicked myself a couple times now pushing too hard. I was...
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    The Patina Pic Thread

    Show us the patina on your knives. If you show me yours I'll show you mine . . . (after mine grows) I'd post mine now but mine is so small that I'd be embarrassed. Whip it out, and show us your patina. Come on, don't be shy. Tell us... 1. What kind of steel is it? 2. How long has the patina...
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    Why isn't the tang all the way in the handle?

    (Actually, I meant tang, not tongue, but this board does not allow title edits.) Grrr. Look at those two gaps where the handle meets the blade. It seems food/bacteria would build up there. Also doesn't it rust there since it is hard to wipe dry? It must have to air dry which is a NONO for...
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    Should I force a patina on new knife?

    I have two new Konosuke White #2 knives. I read the patina they eventually develop provides a small amount of rust protection. (Is this a myth?) I've also seen videos where people use mustard (or vinegar) and water to intentionally speed up a patina. Is there any advantage to just letting the...
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    Review of JKI, Japanese Knife Imports

    Last week I went to Japanese Knife Imports to learn about knives. What a perfect place! First, I called Jon Broida and told him I'm a geek who doesn't want to just plop down money at that WalMart of knife sellers. I need hand-holding. I want to dive in and learn all about good knives...
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    Got my EP Pro

    It's really cool. Again I'm the guy with a 20-year old set of Henckels Four Stars that were always "sharpened" on one of those 3-wheel electric Chef's Choice (the glorified can opener). :eek2: Please do not stone me; I have repented and seen the light. Last week I went to see Jon at JKI in...
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    Old Knives - New Sharpener - Help!

    I have the following 20+ year-old set of Four Stars, supposedly high carbon stainless steel. 10" Chef Model 31071-260 8" Chef Model 31071-200 8" Serrated Model 31076-200 6" Utility Model 31070-160 VIER SRTERE ICE HARDENED 7" Utility Model 31070-180 9" Utility Model 31070- 230 4" Parer Model...