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  1. Chuckles

    Bought Rader

    Looking for a Rader for kitchen use. Utility knife or Chef knife up to 10 inches. Not made of money so probably a mono steel but would love to see what is out there. I have a few things I could trade. Not looking to store this knife. I plan on using it to cut food so open to condition. Thank...
  2. Chuckles

    WTS Shigehiro 240 Gyuto

    Selling 240mm Shigehiro Gyuto. Excellent condition. Very light use, stropped on higher grits. Some light patina. Purchased from Carbon Knife Co. with Saya. $325 shipped conus. Trades considered.
  3. Chuckles

    SOLD Tilman Leder Gyuto and Petty

    I got the petty in a trade. I already had a PM 150 petty in place. Picked up the gyuto to reunite the matched pair. Honduran Rosewood handles with marbled horn ferrules. Niolox. Less than two home cooked meals per knife. Very minor scuffs on petty from plastic edge guard. This would be a...
  4. Chuckles

    What espresso cups do you use?

    I am wondering what you all use for espresso cups? Demitasse are too small and cappuccino cups maybe a bit too large for the drink I make most often. I purchased a couple of cortado glasses and like them so far but think I could do better...
  5. Chuckles

    What steel/stone for tomatoes?

    My garden is about to explode with tomatoes. I haven’t been sharpening much if at all in the last year. I am planning on choosing one knife to sharpen to be the tomato knife for the season. All home use. I am wondering what you all think for what steel and stone you would recommend for ripe...
  6. Chuckles

    Tour de France 2020

    The Tour de France is my favorite sporting event. It is finally underway! I’ll admit I usually fall behind and get caught up on rest days. Nice because there are rarely spoilers at work. Let’s discuss!
  7. Chuckles

    Espresso Machine Recommendations Please

    My wife and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this week. We are looking to gift ourselves an espresso machine for the occasion. I am beginning the search now and have been around here long enough to know the right answer is going to come from KKF. Budget tops out around $1500. That...
  8. Chuckles

    Cutting food in the sheet pan. Ugh.

    This is what was in my counter when I got home today. Marco parer vs aluminum... “I am not saying we can’t use custom knives on sheet pans. I just think we should limit the number of customs that we use for these tasks. Only so when we cut other foods we will have knives available that will be...
  9. Chuckles

    WTB Razor for beginner

    I am looking to purchase or trade for a straight razor. I would love something out of Sheffield for sentimental reasons but am wide open generally. I am sick of bic. Ready to upgrade my routine. I am pretty unaware of the details of razors so I am hoping whomever responds is well intentioned. At...
  10. Chuckles

    Cleaver ID Help Please

    I got this as a gift from a relative. It was given to her by a chef. She said she isn’t a butcher (she is a pastry chef) and passed it on to me. She is Japanese and said it was a Chinese knife. It is a heavy and thick bone type cleaver that was sharp with pretty large burr on it. I am assuming...
  11. Chuckles

    Outdoor cooking gear help

    I have a new home kitchen. There is no hood to vent outside just the microwave recirculating fan thing. I am smoking out this kitchen all the time. I am looking for a set-up to have just outside my back door for searing and high heat cooking. I initially was thinking grill with a burner but I am...
  12. Chuckles

    WTT Toyama 240 Gyuto, Gengetsu 210 Gyuto, LaSeur 245 Gyuto

    Have a Toyama 240 with a fantastic custom ebony and ivory handle by Mert. Holding this knife makes me feel like a king. The only other knife that has made me think that was a Rader. Forum compliance trade value at $450. Here is the thread I got it from...
  13. Chuckles

    SOLD Wakui 240, Suisin 180

    For Sale Wakui 240mm Gyuto stainless clad white #2 Basically unused, robust spine but very thin behind the edge, nice handle Can’t imagine better value Gyuto $150 Suisin 180mm Petty w/ Saya (no pin) Used but in very good condition $195
  14. Chuckles

    Any KS style Mizuno reviews?

    I went to Japanese Chefs Knife and couldn’t help but notice a KS style Mizuno line of gyutos. Has anyone written a review of one of these knives yet? It is certainly an interesting development that I totally missed. My favorite knife is basically a Masamoto KS profile with a grind based on the...
  15. Chuckles

    SOLD Rader Santoku

    For Sale Rader Santoku $700 shipped CONUS 7”, 52100, Koa Handle, Stropped only, extremely limited use in home kitchen. Original sale thread. https://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/threads/michael-rader-santoku.31951/ Thanks for looking.
  16. Chuckles

    Checking in.

    I realize I haven't been around in a while. Well, I just had a baby. He was born on the 15th and his name is Otto. If I recall it was shortly after my first kid was born that I started lurking around here so this may mean I'll be around more. Anyway, here is a quick pic of a future Knife Knut.
  17. Chuckles

    Esteem 2x72 VFD Grinder Package

    Bought June 2015. Unused and never assembled. Here's the story. I bought this with grand aspirations. Sold a lot of great knives to fund it. Electrical project to get this going in my garage snowballed into a major obstacle not worth spending my way out of. I am willing to consider...
  18. Chuckles

    Knife ID help please

    Hoping somebody can help me figure out what this knife is. I bought it from somebody on this forum but can't remember who. It pretty hefty at the spine but very thin at and behind the edge if that helps.
  19. Chuckles

    Holy Smokes Don Nguyen

    I saw this just now. I mean jeez. Just thought everybody should see this one. https://youtu.be/P4fWrO3h4C0
  20. Chuckles

    What to do in Miami?

    In Miami 13th-17th. Never been but tasked to come up with one must do activity for that weekend. So far I have Anderson Paak and Florence and the Machine at American Airlines Arena. Not sure about that one. I don't really like huge venues. I saw Paak at a small venue in Portland last weekend...