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    Old School Deba

    I saw this old Deba with a concave Hira. I heard this was somewhat common along time ago. First time I've seen this though. Thought it was pretty cool looking.
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    Did the lights go off?

    Was unable to load KKF for a while. I was logged off when the site finally came up. Anyone else having issues?
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    Morihei visit March 2016

    So I heard they were moving Tsukiji fish market which is a place I have always dreamed of visiting. I've loved catching and eating fish since I was a small child. We quickly made plans to visit Tokyo this past March. This would be our first visit to Japan and first trip abroad in ten...
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    Flatten bevel and Kasumi polish Tesshu 270mm yanagiba

    My brother-in-law asked me to help him purchase a yanagiba a few months ago. Since he was coming home to get married I decided to gift one for a wedding present. I enjoy working on single bevel blades and appreciate the information shared on the other Kasumi and bevel finishing threads here...
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    Brexit it is. 101 yen to US dollar
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    Large Jnat in carry on luggage

    I'm currently in Tokyo and purchased a large (6lb+) Jnat for a birthday present to self. A thought occurred to me that I might not be allowed to take it home to the U.S. in my carry on bag. I always travel with just carry on and never check luggage. I was wondering if anyone has had experience...