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    Knife findings Yu Kurosaki fujin in R2/SG2 and western handle
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    Ken Kageura

    Did your source say whether he has fully retired, or semi-retired?
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    A great cutter

    It does seem to have met the goal of cutting the potato...
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    potato wedges?

    Do you have access to an air fryer? My method is to swirl them in a bowl with (olive) oil and then add some salt, smoked paprika and garlic powder (swirl again if desired). Then they go into the air fryer at 180°c for 15 minutes or until done.
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    What's your favorite 240mm Gyuto under $300

    It's a house brand of Japanese Natural Stones Toishi
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    KKF Massdrop II - Xerxes

    Unless I've missed it, something very important has been missed... What do we want the special handle to be (like Ians from the first drop)?
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    KKF Massdrop II - Xerxes

    How are we meant to see the announcement when the thread will be filled with shi on topic and highly relevant postings?
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    Show your newest knife buy

    What does yours say on the box? Mine was purchased in October 2020 and says it's a 150 on the label.
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    Recommendations on where to purchase cheap knives for practicing thinning/polishing on?

    Sub 100 is hard for the normal stores. KnifeJapan has been mentioned around here a little (i don't have first hand experience) and have cheaper lines
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    Recommendations on where to purchase cheap knives for practicing thinning/polishing on?

    How cheap is "cheap" to you? Japan to Aus shipping hasn't been too bad, and I've been tempted to use Shopmate by AusPost to get things from the US.
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    Third knife

    Do you have a kiwi in your life? They're a cheap and fun knife. More relevantly though, maybe a longer knife/slicer?
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    Petty Shootout--Munetoshi 165, Mazaki 180, and Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan 160

    I have a FRKZ "160" but the actual length and sticker on the box are 150. If you choose it I recommend contacting Koki first to confirm lengths.
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    Nothing Petty About Your Petty Suggestions...

    Do you need heel height to work on the board, or will you use the tip and raise the handle?
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    SOLD Tsukasa Hinoura River Jump Petty (150mm) and Gyuto (240mm)

    Could you please post pictures of the backs for us to drool over? :love:
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    Hello fellow knife (esp. nakiri) lovers

    Yeah, i thought there was a super nakiri that we could learn about.
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    Hello fellow knife (esp. nakiri) lovers

    @nakiriknaifuwaifu, You mentioned in your Moritaka BST thread that you have replaced it as your daily driver. As a nakiri-curious person, what is it that replaced it?
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    The big thread on insults and offense

    You are training in a different way
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    Suggestions needed for beginning stone (or W&D sandpaper) kit

    I've been trying cheapo sandpaper recently and didn't get far with P400 so moved to P240 which went better. One thing that slows me down is that it needs to be edge trailing so that the paper doesn't get cut and makes the speed gain gap need to be larger vs scrubby motions on my Shapton pro...
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    Teryasu paring?

    Are you looking for a petty or paring? I have a 150 TF and deep impact and wrote more here about them. The below should give you an idea of the side profile of each but I would call the Deep Impact a paring style knife with a heel and the TF more suitable for board work due to heel height...
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    Bought Yoshi or Konosuke SKD Tsuchime 240

    Does that include the handle? KnS have their Yoshikane listed as 188g.