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  1. Luftmensch

    Making a whetstone from wild slate

    A thread @cotedupy posted about 6 months ago must have stuck in my head: Some questions about slate... Recently I was on a walk by the ocean and passed some slate. The thread popped into my mind and I decided to stop and take two whetstone-sized pieces home. I thought cutting them into a...
  2. Luftmensch

    Any espresso machine technicians out there? Or serious nerds?

    Hi KKF, Is there anybody in the community who is into modding their espresso machine? Or has anybody built one from parts? I am considering making an espresso machine using spare/repair parts. It would be great to bounce ideas around and tap into some knowledge.... I am not sure if I want to...
  3. Luftmensch

    Any women knifemakers killing it?

    Hey KKF, I am genuinely curious. The title says it all. (Be civil, this isnt an invitation to poke fun at you know who...)
  4. Luftmensch

    Recommend me an immersion blender

    Hi KKF, Home cook here. Been through several cheap immersion blenders over the years. I'd like to replace our broken one with something that will last. I am not really seeking features and attachments... just something that will do its primary job! On the one hand, maybe the higher end...
  5. Luftmensch

    One-off payments to become a supporting member?

    Support, I have been a participating member of KKF for several years now. I would like to support the forum financially. Are the annual payments automatic or 'once-off'. I strongly prefer not to sign up to automatic payments (to simplify my book-keeping). If they are automatic, is there a way...
  6. Luftmensch

    Ergonomics: what parameters makes a western handle 'good'?

    I am a sucker for the aesthetics of a knife with an integral bolster and full tang. The blend of steel, wood and curves can be gorgeous. But this has nothing to do with ergonomics. A geometrically simple piece of wood (wa handle) is perfectly functional (they serve me comfortably). If you were...
  7. Luftmensch

    To knead? Or Not to knead?

    I have recently started making sourdough. I love the end result but the whole process is a bit of a drama. In particular I find the kneading part messy and variable - mostly because I am a novice. The scientist in me would like to make the process as repeatable/consistent as possible... So...
  8. Luftmensch

    Lodge Blacklock

    Has anybody out there had a look at or used the new Lodge Blacklock line: and (strange choice of aspect ratio...) Seems like a response to the new hipster smoother/thinner cast iron options. Thoughts?
  9. Luftmensch

    Love your lamination? Show your line!

    Got a lamination you find interesting? Post it here.... I'll get the ball rolling. This is a section of a Masamoto Sohonten yanagiba restoration project I am crawling through
  10. Luftmensch

    'Knife Recommendation' subforum?

    Hey old-hands, Would it be useful to create a sub-forum for knife recommendations? It might help keep the forums better themed? If done, the "Which Knife Should I Buy?" Questionnaire could be moved to the top of the sub-forum. Currently it is the third post in 'The Kitchen Knife' - which is...
  11. Luftmensch

    How often is #1 decarburised to #2?

    Is this common at all? I have no doubt the well regarded blacksmiths know how to get the best out of their steel during forging. After all, this is why they are well regarded! Yet there must be examples out of decarburised #1 out there that still make decent knives (just with a hardness lower...
  12. Luftmensch

    Greetings earthlings

    I am not a spam bot! (Or am i??) Long time lurker! Thought I might participate on the odd occasion. Be well! -LM