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    Thanks to the boardsmith!!

    Love my new board from the boardsmith!! Gotta show off his awesome work!
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    High end frying pan recommendation

    Mauviel, buy the thickest copper
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    Wa Handle Construction - Martell Knives

    What are the materials on that handle?
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Thats a cool grind
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    SOLD Kemadi Gyuto

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    Quest for the perfect in-hand paring knife

    Cool thread!
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Cool xerxes
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    SOLD Kiyoshi Kato 210 WH

    Cool knife!
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    Coal buns

    Whatever you were saying, shouldn’t you be inside? It looks cold out there!😉
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    Cooking a prosciutto end

    Thanks all! Yeah, I definitely have ground it before, taken slices, diced it as those are all wonderful applications. I don’t think you’re ever going to beat the original method of serving it thin and uncooked. I was thinking about this more as a science project. In the past, I have taken...
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    Kitchen wall mount ducted hood advice

    I have a two-story house. As I was told, the issue is that the exhaust runs between the two levels horizontally two it’s exit point. The remote Motor needs to be set up at the end of that exhaust piping and there wasn’t enough height room to accommodate it
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    New Anova combi oven

    You can always rig up A Dutch oven with a grate on the inside and steam in there
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    Gas vs induction - opinions

    Both are great, gas is a little more soulful, induction is probably more effective. Nearly every high-end French restaurant has gone that way. Plus much cooler in the summer
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    Cleaning my Range

    That’s why I have a maid!