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  1. M1k3

    WTS Milan Gravier Gyuto w/Saya

    Up for sale is this Milan Gravier Gyuto w/Saya. This is the one from the pass around Milan Gravier Gyuto Passaround I have convexed the bevels and cleaned them up to the best of my abilities (SG500, SP2k, SG4k, MetalMaster 10k). Food release is much better now. Measurements are: 217mm heel to...
  2. M1k3

    SOLD Oouchi and Aoto

    Oouchi Asking $100USD shipped in U.S. Will ship international, buyer pays shipping difference. Measures 198mm long x 20mm height x 72mm wide. I'd put grit starting around 6k and gets a little finer as you work it. Bought it here SOLD - Shihan 52100 gyuto Oouchi jnat
  3. M1k3

    SOLD TF Nashiji and Heiji Gyuto

    TF Nashiji 210mm Gyuto $240 USD shipped in the U.S. International message me for shipping. Background: This was originally purchased by @Carl Kotte. The spine was straightened, bevels were flattened out some and polished up. He sent it to me to try out, which has turned into this sale. Good...
  4. M1k3

    Recipe Requested Falafel?

    I have some dried chickpeas I want to use up. What's your favorite Falafel recipe? Nothing with mint though :eek:
  5. M1k3

    Ticket machine nightmares?

    Anyone else used to have the ticket machine nightmares? Being in the weeds? And they went away along with remembering any other dreams?
  6. M1k3

    Happy birthday Labor of Love!

    Happy birthday to you! May your knives stay sharp and your cutting board not warp. Cheers! 🎉🎉🎂
  7. M1k3

    SG2/R2 workhorse?

    Do any exist with a spine ~4mm? Something that doesn't have a Spaghetti thickness spine? In the 220mm+ length.
  8. M1k3

    SOLD Takamura Chromax Gyuto

    Bought this new August 2018 from Togo. Has served me well in a pro environment. Currently being ignored for a Heiji. So I'm letting this go. Measures 204mm heel to tip, 42mm tall. Asking $110 $90 USD shipped within the U.S. I'LL TAKE OFF AN ADDITIONAL $10 FOR COOKS/CHEF'S. Will ship...
  9. M1k3

    Withdrawn Your project knife

    In the U.S. I'm looking for your stainless-free project Gyuto that you haven't finished or started. If you're a maker with something, I don't know, b-stock, seconds, "blemished", I'd be open. 230-240MMish+ in length. Wa handle preferred, yo accepted, doesn't even have to have a handle installed...
  10. M1k3

    SOLD Gengetsu 240mm Semi Stainless

    I've used this twice since I got my custom, about a month ago. Originally bought it new in April. I've used it in a pro kitchen. IT WAS ALSO SURFACE SCRATCHED TO HELL BY A CO-WORKER. I refinished it with 400->1500 sandpaper finish. Has some minor scratches from use. There is a little naturally...
  11. M1k3

    Box showoff thread

    Seen a few box pictures lately. Thought I'd make a thread dedicated to them. Here's the box the Large Flattening Plate from JKI came in. Here's the box my sink bridge came in, also from JKI. Unused Large Flat Rate Box from USPS. Box that Heiji from @panda came in. Knife Box my Gengetsu...
  12. M1k3

    SOLD Ikazuchi 240mm and Miyabi Koh

    Prices in USD. Only shipping to the U.S. by USPS, PM me to discuss alternative shipping arrangements. International is to hit or miss so not doing that. Shipping internationally now! I'll pay the first $15 of shipping internationally. First up, Ikazuchi 240mm Gyuto 242mmx47mm w/ Saya...
  13. M1k3

    Time slips

    Hold onto them! Never know when you'll need them.
  14. M1k3

    New handle/don't laugh

    I rescued this cheap Kiwi meat cleaver from a dump of a restaurant and ****** owners. This place was the only place I've walked out on, ever. Anyway, I rescued it with the intention of rehandling it, for my first time. Now, I'm curious about what suggestions everyone has as far as constructing...
  15. M1k3


  16. M1k3

    Burnt Chestnut?

    Where do you purchase your burnt Chestnut handles? I seem to be failing with Google-fu. I can only find them installed on knives. Would I have to go custom?
  17. M1k3

    Apartment bedroom workshop ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I live in a 2 bedroom apartment. Our unused room is being turned into a work space. Work bench is being put together. 1x30 belt and disc sander is on the way. I'm trying to figure out dust collection. Would a wet-dry vac/shopvac be sufficient? The work bench will be located near a window, if...
  18. M1k3

    Gift for co-worker

    I'm in the U.S. I would like to get my coworker a knife. I'm probably going to end up buying him a Victorinox. Just curious if anyone has any other recommendations. Trying to keep it as cheap as possible, but let's say max budget is $60-75 USD. Stainless is must. He currently owns a Kiwi...
  19. M1k3

    Learning Spanish?

    I've picked up quite a bit of Spanish over the years, but, I'm still not fluent. Outside of taking a Spanish class, what have you used to become fluent? Free options preferred, but, willing to hear other options. Thanks.
  20. M1k3

    Ikazuchi 240mm?

    I know they just went out of stock... But any idea how long until you have more? Went to pull the trigger last night but was saddened. Did sign up for notification though.