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    FS: Del Ealy pairer AEBL with ironwood LIKE NEW

    Up for sale is an almost new Del Ealy pairing knife. It is made with AEBL steel and desert ironwood. It is a gorgeous little knife but I never use it, opting instead for bigger knives. I have only used it once to cut up some strawberries for a smoothie (which was completely pointless as I have a...
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    She said yes!

    I somehow managed to convince my girlfriend to come to celebrate Christmas with my family in California. And for the effort I rewarded her with an engagement ring! :biggrin: Just had to share!
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    Guy Fieri Christmas Special (SNL/parody)

    I'd watch this. :happy2:
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    Question for DE shavers

    I've been shaving with a boar's brush and cream for a while and finally order an Edwin Jagger DE89 razor. I was a bit nervous my first shave but it went fine, didn't nick myself at all. This morning I shaved again and it was the worst shave I've had a long time; I nicked my chin and got a weird...
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    Pizza oven for home use?

    My boss wants a pizza oven to build in to his backyard kitchen. Wood fired oven would be sweet, but he doesn't want the hassle. He's willing to spend $4-$5K for the right oven, if necessary, although I think $2-3K is going to be more comfortable for him. He's not a chef but he loves pizza and is...
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    10" Sabatier chef's knife

    I bought this a couple weeks ago but unfortunately I need to sell. It was an impulse buy and I already had a Nogent so I didn't need it to begin with. I haven't even touched it since I got it, just set it on my counter and forgot about it. Just looking to get what I paid for it, $75 shipped in...
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    FS: 240 Kochi KU gyuto, vintage Sab chef, vintage Foster Bros scimetar

    Up for sale a 240 Kochi kurouchi gyuto. I love this knife and don't want to sell, but I'm moving in with my girlfriend and some unexpected expenses popped up so I have to let it go. I have not sharpened it because I don't trust myself yet to do it right. It cuts OK but will definitely need a new...
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    Has anyone found the perfect wallet? I'm not sure such a thing exists. I'm still on the hunt for mine, so I'm wondering what you guys carry. I rarely, if ever, carry cash, and when I do I can just keep it loose in my pocket. I really just need a wallet to hold 6 cards- drivers license, debit...
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    FS: Martell 300mm sujihiki

    It really pains me to do this, but unfortunately I need to let this one go. For sale is my 300mm Dave Martell western sujihiki with koa and fiddleback maple handle. This is one of the original knives with full tang western handle, I believe Dave has said that all new westerns will be hidden...
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    WTB: Sabatier

    Looking for a carbon Sabatier chef's knife. I know I can order them from TBT but I've heard that QC is spotty and some end up bowed or with a thick grind. I'm hoping someone has a good, tested example of one that they're willing to part with. I don't know much about these knives and their...
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    Any advice for roasted duck?

    Hey guys, my mom called me the other day and asked if I had any suggestions for Christmas dinner. For whatever reason, I said we should cook a duck. I don't know why, it's never been a part of our Christmas tradition, I've only ever eaten it a couple times and I've certainly never tried to cook...
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    FS: Carter 7.4sun kurouchi funayuki

    Up for sale is my Carter 7.4sun (~8 3/4" according to Carter's site, but I haven't measured it personally so it may have been slightly rounded up) kuro-uchi funayuki. I played with it for about a month and once the initial edge wore down I put it away and used other knives and it's really just...
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    Anyone grind their own hamburger?

    I just acquired a Chop-Rite #22 grinder and want to make some burgers tonight. I could just get a chuck roast and go to town, but I'm interested in hearing people's techniques, preferred cuts/ratios, etc. Any and all advice is welcome!
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    240 DT ITK gyuto $300

    Yup, a DT ITK for $300. I banged the tip on the board and it broke off. I personally don't think it's very serious at all, but I don't possess the skills to fix it myself. The edge should just need touched up but there is no damage to the edge. Price includes shipping and pp in the us...
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    NY to Dallas, where to eat?

    Long story short, I'm driving a car from New York City to Dallas. I'm already in Jersey and my basic route is taking me to Pennsylvania to 81s through Virginia and then 40W through Tennesee and then Arkansas to Texas. I have a very generous allowance for expenses and want to make sure I eat some...
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    FS: Carter 5.9sun stainless funayuki

    For sale is my Carter 5.9sun stainless funayuki. I bought this one a bit over a month ago. It's a cool little knife, but it's just too small for me, so when Carter put up some larger knives I bought a 7.4sun funayuki. Ive only used this to cut up a couple tomatoes and onions and I have not...
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    Knife set advice neede

    How am I supposed to choose between leapard and zebra??? :beatinghead:
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    Quitting my job!

    Today I'm giving my boss my two weeks notice (with option for three weeks if he wants me to stay a bit longer). I've been in the same mundane job for the past 4 years with no signs of growth so I took a job in Lewisville, Tx. It's gonna be a big change but for right now I'm just exstatic about...
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    FS: Gesshin Ginga 150mm honesuki white # 2

    Up for sale is my Ashi Hamono/Gesshin Ginga 150mm honesuki in white #2. JKI usually stocks these in semi-stainless but I wanted something a bit different so I special ordered it in white #2. It's a great little knife but I rarely use it so I'm putting it up for sale. This has only been used a...
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    WTB: Carter

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a funayuki on Carter's site, but I figured I'd see if anyone here has something available. I want to see what the hype is about; just figured I'd see if anyone has one available before I buy new.