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  1. M1k3

    Best coarse stone for crap steel

    Yes. Replaced a coarse and medium Norton crystolon's with these. In use I couldn't tell a difference. Side by side, the colors were slightly different but very similar. Otherwise I'd call them the same.
  2. M1k3

    Elastic ceramic knife

    How's the food release? Long lasting durable sharp edge is all fine and dandy. But having to remove food from the knife is frustrating. And I'd have to agree, the flexibility would probably drive me crazy. I am interested in this though.
  3. M1k3

    KKF counts to a million

    1463 TF 💘's Guy Fieri
  4. M1k3

    KKF counts to a million

  5. M1k3

    Show your newest knife buy

    "I'd like buy the letters 'D' and 'N'"
  6. M1k3

    Cheap coarse stones recommendations (Naniwa Lobster/Traditional?)

    Super Stone 220 is a muddy mess. Great for getting rid of heavy, old built up patina/rust though.
  7. M1k3

    Help me specify my Isasmedjan custom gyuto!

  8. M1k3

    Flipper alert

    Ay, papi chulo! PM sent!
  9. M1k3

    Flipper alert

    Not going to try to recoup your cost on shipping for other unrelated knives? Membership cost? Taxes? Little Timmy's popsicle fund? Are you even trying?
  10. M1k3

    How do you take care of wooden handles?

    That's what she said.
  11. M1k3

    Kid's Knives Recommendations

    I think @Chuckles has some experience buying knives for kids?
  12. M1k3

    Flipper alert

    Horse carriage horse?
  13. M1k3

    Flipper alert

    Sounds a bit like what was his name? MirrorPaul? NashijiJeff? 🤷‍♂️
  14. M1k3

    This is a very weird design.

    Yes. Tin cans also.
  15. M1k3

    This is a very weird design.

    It's for those people that do the super fast "CHOP! CHOP!! CHOP!!! F*** HAVING A KEEN EDGE I'M A CHEF! Hurdur." so they can slow down. A 'speed bump' if you will.
  16. M1k3

    new knife time yaxell gou or miyabi 6000mct

    Different Matthew.
  17. M1k3

    Flipper alert

  18. M1k3

    Flipper alert

    It's simple. Triangle or rectangle (which is a square by the way, but the bermuda one is much safer than the triangle one)?
  19. M1k3

    Flipper alert

    So... are you for or against the currently accused?