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  1. RockyBasel

    WTS Dalman, Takada No Hamono, Y Tanaka

    Dalman Warikomi 60x249 230 gm $450 Yoshikazu Tanaka Blue 1 Damascus 54x253 204 gm $690 (got it for $800) Takada No Hamono Suiboke Blue 1 Steel 260x53 188 gm $625 All knives are in great condition, barely used. Takada is used only once and it’s hard to get this in blue 1 with heel height more...
  2. RockyBasel

    WTS Takada no Hamono & Kisuke Manaka Hamono

    Takada no Hamono Suiboke White 2 ( from CKC) 187 gm 49x225 Y Tanaka forged Rosewood with ebony handle Beautiful, sharp knife $300 shipped Kisuke Manaka Hamono (from clean cut) Blue 2 KU Tsuchi 49x238 208 gm Excellent F&F $280 shipped barely used, like new. Selling because I have too many...
  3. RockyBasel

    WTS Kono MB, Masamoto KS, Kagekiyo Ginsan

    Masamoto KS 3124 Honkasumi Gyukuhaku-Ko Buffalo Tsuba 49x250 - 168 gm White Steel $455 including shipping Konosuke MB White #2 KU Burnt Chestnut Handle With Saya 50x235 - 174 gm $430 including shipping You can check out additional pics on Ai Kagekiyo Ginsanko with Walnut Handle 46.78x230, 170...
  4. RockyBasel

    WTS Nakiri Time- Takeda, Y Kato, Ashi, Mystery

    Takeda 58x185 - 156 gm $250 including shipping Y Kato 53x170 - 149 gm $275 including shipping Ashi Laser Nakiri 49x180 - 117 gm Mystery Nakiri 50x170 - 164 gm Got it in Kyoto, from a young bladesmith last year, paid $340 I think it’s Ginsan - not sure $180 including shipping All knives...
  5. RockyBasel

    WTS Mazaki, Hitohira Togashi, Gihei

    blade lengths are from heel to tip All knives have been used just a few times in light home cooking - nothing has been sharpened. All knives are less than 6 months old — Maz is less than 1 week old, BN Mazaki Kasumi 240 mm Gyuto 229 gm 55x243 I got a Mazaki honsanmai in blue1, and have the, KU...
  6. RockyBasel

    WTS Toyama, Heiji, Yoshikazu Ikeda Honyaki

    #1 - 180 mm Toyama Nakiri - bought in June - selling because I got the 210 mm Toyama Nakiri - check it out on JNS. 57 mm heel Blue stainless clad Virtually unused - some test cutting of tomatoes and onions Paid USD 400, selling for USD 280 including shipping via UPS/DHL 3 day delivery...
  7. RockyBasel

    WTS Togashi 240 aogami stainless clad

    Hitohira Togashi 240 mm Gyuto Aogami Stainless clad 208 gm 52 mm height 232 mm blade length from heel to tip Aogami #1 soft stainless clad Used once to test cut some tomatoes and onions - no patina Only bought it 3 months ago on May 20 from ProTooling ( Paul) Taihei makassar enony handle buffalo...
  8. RockyBasel

    WTS 210mm Suisin Honyaki Shiroko by Yoshikazu Ikeda - Brand New

    Gorgeous and Rare Honyaki White #3 Oil Quenched Mirror Polished With Saya 47 mm Heel 215mm handle to tip 144 gm weight Paid $1,215 for it in May. Selling for $1,000 including FedEx/UPS/DHL priority shipping internationally selling reluctantly because I prefer 240mm knives can send more...
  9. RockyBasel

    SOLD Yoshikazu Ikeda 240 Sumingashi Gyuto custom handle stunner

    Hi selling this brand new knife - got it a month ago. Have not used it other than tomato test OOTB here is a link for thensame knife but a different handle: it’s gorgeous, nice weight, but I have many new ones coming in. Bought...
  10. RockyBasel

    SOLD Jiro sale

    Will be getting a brand new Jiro 210 mm Gyuto - it’s an extra that I don’t need - have the 240 - here are specs: Jiro Tsuchime Japanese Chef Knife Jiro Nakagawa Blacksmith, Nagano Japan 210mm Gyuto Knife - Japanese Shirogami #1 (White) High Carbon Steel Soft Iron Clad Tagayasan Japanese Style...
  11. RockyBasel

    Knife dilemma

    Hi as a novice new member that has deeply imbibed the wisdom on this site - question to the hocho intelligentsia - if I have a Toyoam 240 Gyuto (JNS), should I still get a Watanabe Pro - or do they overlap so Much that it would be like getting a similar knife
  12. RockyBasel

    New Member question

    Hi, Just joined today, complete novice, but have imbibed so much from the knowledge being shared from the learned folk on this forum. The discussions and threads have really shaped some of my initial purchases. Glad to be on-board and just an initial question - Am i better off buying a...