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  1. Carl Kotte

    Suggestion - TF eu passaround

    Dear EU members, Here’s an idea. We could make this TF mab 180 a passaround for all of those who want to try things out for yourselves. In order for me to get some of my money back I suggest all participants paypal me a sum to participate. There are three options for those interested. Higher...
  2. Carl Kotte

    Withdrawn TF maboroshi 180x50

    Let’s try this! TF maboroshi 180x50 (Well real specs are more like edge length/height: 185x49,8). Shirogami 1. Cherrywood handle. 127 grams. I’ve straightened the blade, evened out the bevels and eased the sharp corners. There remains some low spots and irregularities, but the knife cuts and...
  3. Carl Kotte

    Guess that choil!

    What choil does this knife belong to? Can you guess? You get No price if you’re right! (You don’t get any price if you’re wrong - you simply don’t get any price!).
  4. Carl Kotte

    SOLD Comet gyuto 225x56,7

    Dear all, I’m letting this gem go. Comet gyuto Blade length (from handle to tip: 240; edge length 225. Height: 56,7 Weight: 256 grams. Steel: 52100 Grind is convex, righty asymmetrical. I bought this a couple of months ago. As far as I know, I am the 4th owner. I had the knife professionally...
  5. Carl Kotte

    Withdrawn Tiramisu Fujiwara maboroshi 185x50

    Here’s your chance to buy a moderately used maboroshi 185x50 gyuto. Shirogami #1 Cherrywood + horn handle 129 grams. Since I received some questions: I have straightened the blade since it arrived with a curvy edge. I’ve smoothed out some of the irregularities (there’s plenty left for all...
  6. Carl Kotte

    SOLD Gyuto gyuto honesuki

    Hi friends and members, I have three knives to offer you. 1. Sugimoto honesuki carbon steel. Right-handed. Become the chicken’s worst nightmare with this one. Bought second-hand, used a lot. 160x41 250 gram. Price: 85$ plus shipping. 2. Mazaki charcoal quenched JNS. Well, I bought this...
  7. Carl Kotte

    The big thread on insults and offense

    How do you feel? Like really feel? Do you want to speak your heart, get something off your chest? Have you been insulted lately, felt wronged by a shop assistent, a cab driver, a knife maker, a knife factory, the entire western society? Please share your experiences! Keep things civilized! Don’t...
  8. Carl Kotte

    SOLD Watanabe (?) Bessaku sujihiki

    For your consideration, A Watanabe (or so I was told) Bessaku sujihiki: 235x37 137 g Carbon Steel (sorry, no further info) Price 75$ (excluding shipping). Ships from Sweden. Given the current circumstances it’s best to keep things within the EU. 😔 This is an eBay find. It was sold as new...
  9. Carl Kotte

    SOLD Suehiro Rika 5k

    For your consideration, a suehiro rika. I’ve had it for a year and I’ve used it quite a lot. Plenty of stone left though. Ships in the original box (but without nagura which is long gone). Specs: 210x70x20 Edit: 590g. Price is 50$ excluding shipping. EU only please!
  10. Carl Kotte

    SOLD Masashiro yo deba

    For your consideration, A Masahiro yo deba: 270x65 380 g Carbon Steel (seller claimed it was a honyaki - I’m clueless) Price 130$ (excluding shipping). Ships from Sweden. Given the current circumstances it’s best to keep things within the EU. 😔 This is an old eBay find. It is unused (came...
  11. Carl Kotte

    SOLD Refurbished Masahiro carbon sujihiki

    For your consideration, A Masahiro Sujihiki: 270x37 175 g Carbon Steel (might be VC - but I’m honestly not sure) (The sticker has been removed since this photo was taken! 🥳) Price 70$ (excluding shipping). Ships from Sweden. Given the current circumstances it’s best to keep things within...
  12. Carl Kotte

    SOLD Used Minamoto Takatoshi petty

    For your consideration, A Minamoto Takatoshi petty: 180x37 125 g Carbon Steel (sorry, no further info) Price 45$ (excluding shipping). Ships from Sweden. Given the current circumstances it’s best to keep things within the EU. 😔 This is an old eBay find. In my not so humble opinion, this is a...
  13. Carl Kotte

    Bought Mazaki KU in the EU

    Hi all, I’m looking for a Mazaki ku - either a 210 or 240 Gyuto, or a petty (around 180). I like to keep things within the EU. I prefer a lower price over a BNIB knife. If you got something used you want to get rid off, shoot me a pm! all best Carl
  14. Carl Kotte

    The old Dick appreciation thread

    I’ve refurbished a few old Dicks - one of them was later sold here on bst - and I’ve really enjoyed it. It was well worth the effort, in my opinion. The patinated (well, most times rusty) carbons were easily the most enjoyable but some Stainless ones were ok too. I often see old semi-destroyed...
  15. Carl Kotte

    SOLD Wakui shirogami 2 210 KU

    For your consideration, A wakui 210 Gyuto bought one year ago at CleanCut. I used it quite a lot for a few months, at home. It came with a weak factory edge and a little thick behind the edge. The blade needed some fine tuning. I’ve sharpened and thinned the blade several times. Low spots and...
  16. Carl Kotte

    SOLD A Kipp for a Kipp?

    I’ve got this wonderful bunka from Kippington that I would like to trade. See original thread here. I really like Kippington’s work, but sadly this beauty and I have to part ways; something (I don’t know what) doesn’t quite work for me and so I’d like to see whether anyone would be willing to...
  17. Carl Kotte

    Show your newest knife try :)

    My appetite for trying knives doesn’t seem to end. What can I say, I’m curious guy. Lately, I’ve been lucky to participate in a few passarounds. Additionally, some generous members in my part of the world will be sending me some cool stuff to try out. Since loaners seem to be passing between the...
  18. Carl Kotte

    How do you use naguras?

    Dear members, I have a question about naguras. I have a few natural naguras and some synthetic ones. I used to use them for two different but related reasons: 1. To clean the stone while sharpening (to remove clogged steel from certain areas of my stones); 2. To work up slurry. My question is...
  19. Carl Kotte

    WTS Refurbished J.A. Henckels carbon chef’s knife

    I want to sell this refurbished J.A. Henckels carbon Steel chef’s knife. I picked it up on eBay. It arrived in an acceptable condition Refurbishing the knife I: * thinned the blade. * removed some steel at the heel and tip to restore cutting ability. * sanded and oiled the handle. In all...
  20. Carl Kotte

    WTS Refurbished F. Dick carbon chef’s knife

    Dear members, this is my first time selling something on BST. Please take that into consideration (and be patient)! I want to sell this refurbished F. Dick carbon Steel chef’s knife. I picked it up on eBay. It arrived in terrible condition; rust covered the blade and the handle had seen better...