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  1. Byphy

    SOLD 210mm Masashi SLD Gyuto (Yoshihiro)

    Yoshihiro Cutlery version. I’m the second owner. I never sharpened this one. Original owner may have touched up once or twice. Was tipped. Should be fixed w a sharpening session or two. Such a looker. Cuts superb minus the sticktion w certain product I believe caused by mirror finish. Only...
  2. Byphy

    WTS 240mm TF Mabo Gyuto (Thinned/Modified Finish)

    Was a project TF Mabo. After thinning , it became my everyday knife. Specs: Slightly over 9” in length. 47.3mm in height. 8.4oz in weight Aesthetics: Brush finish w conditioning belt, hammer marks aren’t as prevalent but the kanji is strong. Scratches that show up in the light w certain...
  3. Byphy

    WTS Misono UX10 240mm Suji

    Has light scratches from storing with blade guard that you can see in the right lighting. Also the smallest of bends at tip which was hard to capture on my camera phone. Used a few times at home, never sharpened. $200 shipped CONUS PS - Anyone else experiencing delays with USPS?
  4. Byphy

    SOLD Wakui 270 Gyuto

    Purchased from Aframes. Used a handful of times. Sharpened lightly once. L: 10 & 3/4” H: 54mm W: 239g $180 shipped CONUS
  5. Byphy

    ShiByphy Project

    Got this Tank w a huge chip to work on re-profiling and thinning. First thing I did was draw out the lines to mimic the original taper. After removing the chip, it was time to start creating a new bevel. At first I thought I wanted a flat profile. I changed my mind later. This was the choil...
  6. Byphy

    WTB Nihei or Kono Fukushima

    210-240 or whatevs Just shooting my shot 🏀
  7. Byphy

    WTB Leather Saya/Sheath

    Any recs on solid makers? Not sure which knife I want one for, just want to try out a leather saya. Not sure if I'm posting in the right place also, mods feel free to move/remove this if need be.
  8. Byphy

    Bought Used 270mm Gyuto

    Wanna try a 270mm gyuto. Open to anything but preference is stainless clad (and cool kanji. Double bonus if kanji on front and back sides). Budget is $200 but could stretch it for the right used blade. Only requirement is that it’s at least 48mm height. Not looking for a gyutohiki. Leaning...
  9. Byphy

    Thinned Cleaver

    Inspired by @ma_sha1 I contemplated turning a Chinese cleaver into a petty. I settled for just thinning it (for now). I used a upside down 3x18 sander. Finished on stones. Thought I’d share my results: I forgot to take a before choil shot so the last pic is from CKTG website.
  10. Byphy

    WTS Yoshihiro Aus8 270mm Sujihiki

    Near new. Cut a burrito and pork loin once. Never needed a 270 suji. I have 2. This one has to go. Retails $125 new. How about $90 shipped CONUS. +$10 if you want a saya with it. Thanks for looking.
  11. Byphy

    SOLD 220 AS Blenheim Forge Gyuto

    Got this in a trade, can’t tell you much besides it’s gorgeous and cuts paper well 🤷🏻‍♂️ I am 2nd owner. Previous owner didn’t use much or sharpen I believe and I haven’t used at all since getting it. It’s got some weight on it. Not heavy but not as light as your typical Japanese gyuto. I’ll...
  12. Byphy

    SOLD Shibata AS 210mm Gyuto

    Don’t really want to sell this but I have to get the numbers in my collection down and I just picked a few things up. Great knife. I’m 2nd owner. Believed it was sharpened once by previous owner and it was plenty sharp for me. Used lightly at home for a week or so. $200 shipped CONUS.
  13. Byphy

    Traded Tadatsuna 240mm INOX Yo Gyuto

    Used a few times, sharpened once. Some scratches from general use. Otherwise, near new condition. $230 incl PP & shipping CONUS.
  14. Byphy

    WTB 210mm Petty

    Now that I’m only cooking at home, this has become my fav size. If I start cooking pro again, I could use it for a good line knife. With that said, really seeking a Kono 210mm petty with laurel handle. Preferably HD but if a fuji is within my price range, I’d entertain. But if you have a...
  15. Byphy

    WTB Masamoto KS 240mm Saya

    Shooting my shot
  16. Byphy

    SOLD 5 Pocket Tojiro Knife Roll + EDRO 270mm Sujihiki Saya

    Knife roll is used but in great condition, just has a few minor stains. Saya never used. $40 shipped CONUS.
  17. Byphy

    WTS Kagekiyo 210mm Gyuto W#2

    Purchased from Carbon a few months ago. Used maybe twice lightly. Never sharpened. Light patina. The saya is magnetic w a pin. - Just under 8” length (around 200mm) - About 42mm height Selling $275 shipped CONUS.
  18. Byphy

    WTT 210mm Konosuke SS & 165mm Yu Kurosaki R2 Bunka

    I’m the 2nd owner of the Konosuke. I only sharpened once, 1K-4K progression. Konosuke Specs: L: 200mm H: 42mm W: 104g I bought the bunka new off CKTG and used lightly at home. Sharpened once, 1K-4K progression. Kurosaki Specs: L: 165mm H: 46mm W: 123g Looking for a 240-270mm gyuto. Prefer...
  19. Byphy

    SOLD Couple of Knives

    Sakai Takayuki Kasumitogi 120mm Deba, Yasuki White Steel: BNIB, $75 shipped CONUS Ashi Ginga 180mm Gyuto, W#2 (SOLD) Used to test cut onions. $150 shipped CONUS MAC PRO MTH80 200mm Gyuto (SOLD) Purchased refurbished from Homebutcher. Only test cut onions myself, plenty of life. Was going to be...
  20. Byphy

    WTB Hattori FH 240mm Gyuto or Sujihiki w Cocobolo Handle

    Shot in the dark here. If anyone has one they want to let go of, please let me know. Thanks