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  1. panda

    Custom Honyaki Gyuto

    my reground custom TF is pretty gangsta. final cost is honyaki territory lol
  2. panda

    Custom Honyaki Gyuto

    ahh yeah highly righty bias. I had the white, regular profile.
  3. panda

    Custom Honyaki Gyuto

    have you tried mizuno honyaki? 😉
  4. panda

    Custom Honyaki Gyuto

    why do you want a honyaki, and what are you expecting out of one?
  5. panda

    what are you shooting? (handgun thread)

  6. panda

    How do you take care of wooden handles?

  7. panda

    How do you take care of wooden handles?

    by using it frequently
  8. panda

    American football

    I like trask
  9. panda

    American football

    devonta smith reminds me of marvin harrisson
  10. panda

    Ambi Sharpening worth learning?

    try both and go with whicheever you're comfortable with. I detest flipping and only sharpen switching hands..
  11. panda

    Honyaki the only way to go?

    that knife look like a throw away you get from.dollar store
  12. panda

    Honyaki the only way to go?

    tf white1 has really good retention
  13. panda

    Any F1 fans here?

    Hamilton is the worst dominant athlete, no charisma what so ever lol
  14. panda

    MIzuno Tanrenjo Honyaki Discussion

    I miss my miz white honyaki 😭 too bad it was too short, damn Sakai sizing..
  15. panda

    Last call on Mizuno Tanrenjo before price increase

    do you know who does the sharpening for the mizunko ks line? blacksmith would also be nice to know.
  16. panda

    TF Wabi-Sabi

    I've modified every single knife I own, and coincidentally my favorite one (miz ks) i have barely even fuxed with. I actually intentionally made it thicker behind the edge which added even more convexity. the tip.could use some.thinning but I rather leave it alone as it cuts so well.
  17. panda

    Carrot wedge test

    Masashi grind was pretty good, hated the steel and profile didn't work for me.
  18. panda

    TF Wabi-Sabi

    it's about convexity not thinness. big misconception around here.
  19. panda

    TF Wabi-Sabi

    weirdest post.of the day winner
  20. panda

    What is the best white #2 gyuto you have ever used?

    miz honyaki still the best white2 for me didn't care for shigehiro steel though the knife itself was good my.old.yoshikane Kasumi white2 steel was awesome, didn't like the knife however lol my hiromoto honyaki doesn't feel good on stone but is very tough and acts more like a thick virgin carbon.